A Bosnian consulting company dealing with the eManuals is looking for partners from Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia under the distribution services agreement.

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A Bosnian consulting company offers a virtual management consulting platform and acts as a central hub for innovative SMEs, introducing a whole new concept to SMEs’ in IT industry and similar sectors. Its main activity is business consulting and business development. The company offers a 17 different e Manuals for management, finance, marketing and HRM with standardization of those processes in SMEs. The company wants to expand in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro through distribution agreement.
A Bosnian company active in the field of eManuals is looking for partners who would like to promote and distribute the products of this company. The company was established in 2010 and use digital tools for business communication with its partners. In business, the manual of Operations (eManuals) relays the standards and procedures of the company. It is a useful guide for the company to set the standards of the various operations within different departments: management, finance, marketing and human resource management . It is a set of standards and procedures for operations, work standards, and policies of the company. eManuals are a key for knowledge management at all levels, and improvement of the company performance. To enable access of the eManuals, the international cooperation and usage of cloud services will help that everyone in Balkan Region can access specific manuals anywhere, anytime. The company provides development consulting, financial and management consulting. The company wants to expand its foreign market and to find a partner with experience on the e-book sales, business education and consulting sector in Balkan Region (Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro). Type of partnership: distribution services agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: industry Activity: SMEs for online sales, SMEs in business, education and consulting, distributors. Role: It is expected from the partner to have experience in online distribution of e-books for business purposes.The company is especially interested in high order volumes and in establishing long term relationships with its distributors.
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