Bosnian manufacturer of clothing, brooms and brushes is interested in distribution service agreements.

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Bosnian company specialized in manufacturing and design of clothes and kitchen utensils is looking for international partnerships. The potential new partnerships are preferred to be arranged under distribution service agreements.
The Bosnian company is specialized in manufacturing of quality clothing, brooms and brushes. The fabrics used are of the highest quality, which adds even more to the delight of wearing their outfits. The company was founded on October 20, 2017 and although it is still relatively young.The company grew rapidly in 2018. Today the company operates through several business units: –Manufacture of confectionery; –Production of brooms and brushes; –Trade of mixed goods; Today, the company has 38 employees, of whom more than 74% are women, which makes this company special. The company aims to make a more comfortable life on the territory of the its municipality, providing as many jobs as possible for both young people and people of advanced age. The company is based on the production of light and heavy confection. At the beginning of its production, it emphasized the production of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) equipment from high quality raw materials from renowned manufacturers. Different companies can find PPE equipment for their workers, such as workers in the field of construction, forestry and medical and catering workers. Beside standard sizes, the company also offers tailor-made clothes. In addition to PPE equipment, the company also offers a part of fashion ready-to-wear clothing for daily use such as trousers, sweatshirts, shirts, jackets and other similar clothes. In their production they will also be able to find a household program such as kitchen cloths, linens, tablecloths, towels, and similar kitchen linen. The production of brooms and brushes is unique in a way that it's the only production in Bosnia and Herzegovina of this type. The brooms and brushes are homemade products and are made of high quality natural materials, such as wood and natural hair made up of a mixture of horsehair and turnip hair. In assortment, besides the company's program, there is a range of household assortment that is reflected in various brushes for outdoor and indoor use, and brushes such as brush scrubber, paint brush, suit brush and other similar assortment. Besides a regular assortment, the production also offers the possibility of making special brushes that are used in various industries. The potential distributors would receive photos, banners, transfer of the online store with which they could operate on their local markets. These could be provided in short terms. The company is able to provide quality photos of each product, as well as detailed descriptions of the products - sizes, type of material used, which the potential partners could use directly on their website. The company is interested to find new partnerships under distribution service agreements.
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The Bosnian clothing producer would like to expand its international network through new distributors under distribution services agreement. It is recommended for the potential partners to have good links at the local markets and to have experience in distributing similar products.
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