Brazilian developer of nuclear medicine information system is looking for a business partner in Europe under license agreement

A Brazilian company develops software for nuclear medicine and radiology facilities management. The product provides a friendly interface that allows access to a customized data base through an “easy-to-use” data mining process. The company is looking for a partner under license agreement in order to develop its business in Europe.
Active on the market since 2015, the company develops software for the management of nuclear medicine and radiology - RIS facilities with scheduling based on specific clinical protocols/ workflows, customizable electronic reports (and other clinical or managerial information), radiopharmacy and smart reports. Located in Salvador, Brazil, the company´s core team is composed of physicians, medical physicists and managers highly experienced in nuclear medicine. The laboratory, situated in a well know hospital of the city of Salvador, has been visited by renowned specialist worldwide and many scientific papers have been published in specialized journals together with them. The company´s professionals have collaborations with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, Vienna) which is a recognized organization in the field that has collaborated in technical cooperation projects to embed technologies into the software package. Major recognition of the company in Latin America community comes from a branch of awards, including the Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMMS, 2015), Health IT Journal (2016), 100 Open Startups (2017) and Healthcare Innovation Show (2017). In the scientific perspective, the company´s solution is highly appreciated by academic institutions for easily data mining of clinical processes and disease/ patient information. Even though the technology is very easy for users to implement through basic training, handbook, videos and papers, the Brazilian company still provides scientific visits and fellowships at the headquarters in Salvador and Sao Paulo cities (Brazil). Already present on the Latin American market, the company is looking to expend its business to Europe and for such it is looking for a partner under license agreement. The ideal partner should have previous experience in dealing with software for healthcare industry and be familiar with software interoperability.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The type of partner sought: - Should have previous experience in dealing with softwares for healthcare industry. - Preferably it should be familiar with software interoperability. Role of partner sought: - Obtaining the CE-mark in line with our package solutions; - Localising the software to meet the requirements of users in the country; - Establishing business channels in the country by licensing of the software. - Introducing the software to hospitals and clinics in the country
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
Customers need to have internet connexion for the cloud based solution. For the enterprise solution, the following specifications are needed: Server 1: ● Operational system: Ubuntu Server LTS - 64 bits ● Partition: 50 GB em / ● Data partition: 50 GB em /var ● RAM: 4 GB ● application server: Tomcat 8 ● Java: jdk 1.8 Data base server: ● Operational system: Ubuntu Server LTS - 64 bits ● Partition: 50 GB em / ● Data partition: 100 GB em /var ● RAM: 4 GB ● Data base (relational): Oracle ou PostgreSQL. ● Data base (non relationa): MongoDB Server 2 (Only Office): ● Operational system: Ubuntu Server LTS - 64 bits ● Partition: 50 GB em / ● Data partition: 100 GB em /var ● RAM: 2 GB
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Secret Know-how,Copyright
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