A Bulgarian 3D visualization and animation studio is offering 3D product presentation and e-commerce services to potential partners under outsourcing agreement or subcontracting

A Bulgarian based 3D studio, with offices in Ruse city and Manchester, is offering its expertise in 3D visualization and animation to companies, which need a subcontractor or want to outsource activities in the field. The company has a diverse team of 3D artists with more than 10 years of experience in producing photo-realistic 3D models, scenes, animations and simulations for clients worldwide. Its innovative services include the newest forms of 3D digitalization – scanning and photogrammetry.
The Bulgarian 3D Visualization and Animation Studio is offering its wide range of 3D services, such as 3D digitalization, scanning, photogrammetry, rigging, animation, simulations, game-ready content and others to potential clients, which would like to use innovative presentation forms for their products and services. With businesses rapidly moving towards online based selling and marketing, there is a growing need of interactive 3D presentations. The company is able to produce photorealistic versions of its client’s catalogue and present it in dynamic and interactive manner. Online based sales are determined mainly on the users’ experience on the site and the way that they can get a feel for the product. The studio is offering its potential partners a more vivid and innovative way of presentation - rather than simply posting images they can give the user the opportunity to rotate their product from different sides and even imagine using it by putting it in different environments. The company’s staff has a vast digitalization expertise and can turn any product or service into a beautiful interactive 3D that engages the user. And once a specific product is turned into a 3D object it can be changed with ease, adding more variations for colours, functionality and size. Over the years the gifted designers have created thousands of 3D models for their clients and have developed their own online catalog. They are interested in joining international projects where they can provide their 3D knowledge and expertise as a subcontractor or perform outsourced services. The company is looking for long-term cooperation agreements with producers and service providers which would like to introduce innovative presentation as part of their marketing.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Bulgarian company is looking for potential partners from various industrial, retail and creative sectors, which use or would like to use 3D visualisation and animation services in their work. The studio is offering to provide their 3D knowledge and expertise as a subcontractor or perform outsourced services for game/3D scanning/ movie studios, architectural visualization studios, marketing agencies, e-commerce marketing businesses, universities, museums, art galleries, any type of businesses that want to present their products in 3D and market them as well as photography and design studios, manufacturers, product developers, clothing and accessories retailers (that want to use 3D to market their products online), medical laboratories (that want to visualize in 3D what they are working on), technology retailers, etc.
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