Bulgarian company offers translation services for Romanian companies

A Bulgarian company provides Romanian-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-Romanian translations in the following areas: standard documents, corporate documents, medical translations, technical translations, legal and economic translations. The company undertakes full confidentiality for their translations and offers services agreements to Romanian partners.
This Bulgarian translation company was created back in 2001 in the North-east of Bulgaria with main activity translations from and to Bulgarian and Romanian languages. This SME is a linguistic company with a “quality over quantity” mentality. They believe that quality should always be the most important consideration when it comes to translations. They have collaborated with numerous Romanian and Bulgarian companies, both at home and abroad. This SME offers written translations, simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. Areas of competency: Personal documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of marital status, certificate of inheritance, civil status certificate etc. Standard documents: certificates from the university, high school diplomas, certificate of completed grade, professional qualification certificates, church marriage certificates, police certificates, academic transcripts etc. Corporate documents: registry agency documents, annual financial statements, tax declarations, company contracts, bank references, decision on registration of company etc. Medical translations: medical history, medical reports, medical directions, medical certificates, immunization passports, medical records, medical certificates for work, toxicology studies, pre-clinical and clinical trials, hospital reports, etc. Technical translations: manuals, product catalogs, descriptions of machines, technical reports, instructions, assessments, standards and specifications, technical passports and documentation, tender documentation, computer records, software documentation, hardware documentation, specific technical terminology, etc. Legal and economic translations: judicial certificates, deeds, balance sheets, court declarations, annual tax declarations, annual financial statements etc. The SME is looking for partners from Romania and is offering translating services from Romanian to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to Romanian language under services agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Bulgarian company is looking for potential partners e.g. SMEs active in field of language services to offer them translation services. The potential partners would gain translation services from Bulgarian company. The Bulgarian company is looking for foreign partners who need translation services. They prefer small and medium-sized enterprises but they are ready to provide the service for bigger companies. The Bulgarian company undertakes the translations by fax, e-mail or via printed material form.
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