Bulgarian company with an own brand of wear-resistant solutions is looking for distributors

The Bulgarian company is operating in the welding sector, specializing in solutions against wear and tear. The company is looking for cooperation under distribution service agreements with potential partners form the neighboring countries: Serbia, North Macedonia and Romania.
Bulgarian company with long history and located in Stara Zagora was initially, specialized in the field of welding equipment, as a distributor of welding consumables, welding machines and materials. In time, the company has expanded the range of services and products offered. As a result, the company develops solutions against wear and tear for all industries. The company’s brand has been created in 2013 and since then it has become a recognizable name for a variety of solutions against wear phenomena. They solve issues related to wear and tear in the energy field, mining industry, recycling, glasswork, paper production and everywhere where there is abrasion, erosion, corrosion or where high impact resistance is required. The products in the range contribute to limiting the damages onto the equipment and increase its resistance to wear factors and its operating life between 30 and 300 times compared with carbon steel. The special plates, strips and pads are bi-metallic hard-faced materials that can replace the already damaged, broken or not-working parts. The flux-cored wires and electrodes of the brand are used for repair and restore of worn metal parts and areas recovering them back to their original conditions and shape. The Bulgarian company would like to work under distribution cooperation with traders in the mining and other heavy industries of the nearly situated countries: Serbia, North Macedonia and Romania.
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The Bulgarian company is looking for partnerships under distribution service agreements with partners form Serbia, North Macedonia, Romania. The potential cooperation could be with sellers, construction, repair, manufacturing companies that work in industries where wear factors exist and affect the operational processes. They can promote, distribute, sell and use the range of wear-resistant products offered by the Bulgarian company.
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