Bulgarian company producing charcoal is looking for reliable distributors

A Bulgarian company is producing ecologically clean charcoals manufactured by carbonized oak and hornbeam wood and it is looking for distributors abroad.
The Bulgarian company from south-east Bulgaria was founded in 2015. The company has established itself as a high-quality and reliable wholesale producer of charcoal. They produce ecologically clean charcoals manufactured by carbonized oak and hornbeam wood that is placed near the manufacturing base.They use a completely safe technology without polluting or harming the environment. The charcoals have a long duration of incineration - they sustain a uniform temperature and add an incredible taste to the food, when used for grill. The manufacturing charcoal process is strictly controlled in retort installations. The product advatnages are that they do not fume, they burn 3,5 hours minimum and most importantly they keep a uniform temperature without burning with flames or making sparkles. There is no resin in the hardwood. The technical characteristicsn of the charcoals are the following: • Outside look – pieces with a different size • Caloricity – 6600 Kcal/kg min • Ash – 3% max • Humidity – 3% max • Color – black • Hydrocarbon – 82% min • Fraction – 20 – 250 mm The process of charcoal production in the company is constantly monitored. Starting from the selection and harvesting of wood, ending with quality control of packaging and timely delivery to the partner. Charcoal is widely used in production: metallurgy, instrument-making, printing, agriculture, radio-electronic industry, chemical industry, etc.The company's production capacity allows processing 400 tons of charcoal per month. The Bulgarian company is looking for reliable partners from various industries (metallurgy, chemical industry, agriculture, etc.) to conclude a long-term distribution services agreement. Having launched the products successfully in the Bulgarian market, the company believes that there is strong potential for ecologically clean charcoals elsewhere in Europe and in the rest of the world and is therefore in the process of establishing a distribution network.
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The company is looking for SMEs, large companies, companies that use charcoal in their production, sp that they will have to competently deal with the distribution of the Bulgarian products on the international market.
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