Bulgarian company specialized in processing of metals and technical plastics offers its services under manufacturing and subcontracting agreementss

Bulgarian company specialized in processing of metals and technical plastics is looking for new foreign partners. This SME has the technical infrastructure to manufacture components (prototypes or series) and assembles groups and constructions using computer numerical control (CNC) machines and universal machines. The company offers its services to industry partners from Europe under manufacturing and/or subcontracting agreement.
The company is established in 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, but the management team has experience in the relevant area since 1994. The company main area of expertise is in the processing of metal and technical plastics for the manufacturing of prototypes and series is looking for new partners. The SME has the capacity to manufacture components based on the customer requirements (technical drawings) using traditional and/or CNC machines. For the assembly of groups and construction they also use non robotic welding. The Bulgarian entity has various metal processing machines available: -Machining centers are among the most widely used and well-known in practice metalworking machines used for drilling, scraping, countersinking, reaming, threading. -Computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes and traditional lathes -Grinding Machines In order to optimize the workload of their facility and to continue the sustainable growth, this SME is looking for new partners from Europe. The SME from Bulgaria is willing to sign a manufacturing agreement in order to manufacture certain products/components for a foreign partner. Furthermore under a subcontracting agreement the Bulgarian company is looking for partners who should be interested to assign the production of certain products to the Bulgarian SME.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner: Industry Field of activity of desired partner: industry companies that produce machines, furniture or equipment Role of the partner: 1/ Under manufacturing agreement: to assigned the production of the desired products/ components 2/ Under subcontracting - to assigned their obligations of a prior manufacturing contract
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Already on the market
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