Bulgarian company, specialized in the production of bread improvers is looking for distributors

An SME from Bulgaria is producing bread improvers and various bakery ingredients. Тhe company offers the whole range of complex services concerning the production technology of bread and bread products. This entity is willing to expand its partnering network through signing a distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreemеnt.
This company is established in 1997 in Bulgaria. It is specialized in manufacturing, distributing, technically supporting and supplying innovative baking ingredients and solutions for bakery industry across the world. The Bulgarian entity's portfolio includes: *improvers for bread *bread mixes *substitutes and baker's leavens for the bakery industry *improvers for spaghetti ,macaroni, vermicelli, noodles, pasta *egg substitutes *gluten free, salt free and lactose free ingredients for baking purposes; The production line consists of qualitative products patented with the respective trademarks. Their bread improvers help for the: • improving the quality of flour • increasing the shelf life • shortening the duration of fermentation • increasing water absorption capacity • increasing nutritional value etc. The company's goal is to widen its partnership network in the EU and worldwide. Thus the Bulgarian SME is looking for distributors who are willing to sell the Bulgarian bread improvers and bakery products abroad under a distribution services agreement. Furthermore this company is willing to enter a commercial agency agreement in order to find an agent who would act on behalf of the Bulgarian company on the foreign markets. All partners should have relevant experience in the field of trading with bakery ingredients and bakery manufacturers.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for distributors who are specialized in trading with bakery ingredients, and improvers. The role of the partners would be to take care for the selling of the products of the Bulgarian company on the respective foreign market. Furthermore the Bulgarian entity is willing to enter a commercial agency agreement in order to find agents who would represent and promote the Bulgarian bakery products abroad.
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Already on the market
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Exclusive Rights
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