Bulgarian honey producer is interested in distribution service agreements

Bulgarian company producing pure, natural polifloral and monofloral honey, which is distinguished as one of the best quality European honeys, because of the unique geographical location. The company is interested to cooperate under distribution service agreements.
The Bulgarian company is specialized in production, storage, processing and packaging of honey. The honey producer is a certified in Bulgaria, with its own bee hives. The product is offered in different types and sizes of packaging, variety of small and bigger glass jars, from everyday to boutique ones. In 2020 the the company bought purchased an automated filling line witch enables to increase its portfolio of products with a honey spoon. The honey spoon produced by the company is very easy to use product. All the client needs to do is to take the cover of the spoon and put it into a drink. This makes the honey spoon extremely suitable for tea, coffee, milk or any other hot drink. The spoon is also adorable to small children as a lollipop. The honey spoon is offered in carton box of 66 pieces. This box is most suitable for cafés and restaurants, coffee and tea shops. Its luxury and elegant design makes it perfect to be placed on the counter. The company’s farm of 200 plus hives is situated by a village located at the foot of the northwestern slopes of Sakar Mountain. Sakar Mountain has a continental-Mediterranean climate. Diversity of the plants in the area helps the offering of two types of honey, natural monofloral acacia honey and polifloral or the so-called bouquet honey. With the company's skill to produce 100 % pure natural certified honey they are able to guarantee the quality of the products like honey jars and honey spoon. One of the main characteristics of the natural honey is that with time it crystalizes. This feature of honey distinguishes it from its sugar based substitutes. Basically there are two types of honey in Bulgaria - honeydew and floral nectar honey. The honeydew honey is produced when there is a lack of nectar sources. It has dark brown to black color and a very intense and strong taste. Floral nectar honey could be polifloral or miofloral. Although even the monofloral honey contents nectar from more than one plant. Due to the location of the company's hives and the diversity of the plants around them they produce mostly 100% natural polifloral honey (bouquet) and some quantities of 100% natural monofloral honey (acacia honey). The Bulgarian honey producer would like to enter in cooperation under distribution service agreements with potential companies in the food industry.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Bulgarian producer of honey in jars and honey spoons would like to establish long-term cooperation with partners under distribution service agreements in order to spread the products abroad. The potential appropriate partner would have experience in the food sector and the possibility to promote the products among food stores, coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, groceries etc.
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Already on the market
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