Bulgarian manufacturer of tube packagings is looking for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies for manufacturing agreements and commercial agreements

Bulgarian company specialized in production of tube packaging and more specific empty aluminium collapsible tubes and laminated tubes is looking for pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, specialized in production of gels, creams, mazes and ointments for manufacturing agreement and is looking for commercial agreement with sellers/agents.
The Bulgarian company is a leader in producing and developing special design packaging solutions as empty aluminium collapsible tubes and laminated tubes for customers in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care sectors. It is capable of realizing its production at the required properties and quantities upon customer requests in its fully automatic production lines. The tubes are obtained by pressing coin-like blanks by the method of the so-called cold extrusion. The tubes go through heat treatment and cover their inside with a special varnish. Vibrant and aesthetic printing designs of up to 6 colors may be obtained on various backgrounds through high-speed tube manufacturing machines and all the phases of the production are finalized under full control. The production of packaging at high quality standards supporting the effect of the ingredient is the main goal of the company by offering: - aluminum or laminated tube option according to the formula and flowability of the drug/cosmetic product/gel/cream/ointment or other filled substances - special production according to unique technical aspects in terms of size and shape - artwork application support and brand communication and design elements. The company is looking for partners, manufacturing companies that need packaging materials for their products (mostly industries from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care sectors). The client is willing to sign the manufacturing agreement - the company can manufacture tubes to the foreign partner's needs. They are looking also for business partners in order to sign commercial agency agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for partners such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care producers for supplies of empty aluminum collapsible tubes and laminated tubes needed for their production. Possible type of agreements sought are manufacturing agreement for production of tube packaging. The other type of possible cooperation is commercial agreement with companies/agents/sellers with an important network of potential customers with good connections in this branch in order to expand the export activities of the Bulgarian company. The partner should have experience and a considerable reputation in its country.
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Already on the market
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