Bulgarian organization seeks commercial agents for safe inbound and outbound medical and wellness travel programs

A Bulgarian non-government organization, established in 2018 is specializing in launching medical and wellness travel and safe-stay requirement programs, as well as transferring knowledge in inbound and outbound medical and wellness tourism, pre and post-medical treatment operations, customer expectations and engagements of all facilitators in the process. It is looking for sales representatives to customise the programme and services under a commercial agencies agreement.
The Bulgarian non-government organization offers a program, products and technology, which present core concepts and practical steps for developing medical travel program(s), definitions, rationale, trends, best practices, policies and procedures, cultural competencies, critical standards etc. for their customers. The organization’s technology and products comply with EU calls and recommendations for internationalization, inclusion and coordination – e.g. EU EASME/COSME program calls “European Strategic Cluster Partnership-Going International” (ESCP-4i), or European Cluster Excellence Programme with ClusterXchange scheme (COS-CLUSTER-2020-3-03), or COS-CLUSTER-2018-03-02, etc. Innovation of organization`s program is in its scope and subject activity. The scope of NGO’s activities includes international recognition and visibility of protocols and standards, compliant with nationally set up rules and legislation in the field of medical travel. Activities within the programme offered provide missing elements, reference links and info among health (clinical), wellness (non-clinical) and spa elements within the entire complete healthcare systems. Health and wellness packages based on internationally certified and interoperable professional rehabilitation and recreation programs (PRO), on climatic, water, sea, bio product healing, combined with high elevation ecosystems and professional physiotherapy, guarantee quality, continuity, traceability of rehabilitation, recreation and safe-stay hospitality within the whole medical travel continuum. Subject activity of the NGO provides for robust set of standards and independent accreditation body to complete accreditation and certification process of their clients. Scope and subject activity are now addressing critical elements caused by the need for pandemic prevention and alleviation, recommended to all medical travel and tourism businesses, hospitals, ambulatory centers, general and special practices, medical and wellness consultants, facilitators, dental clinics, hotels with medical and spa centers, wellness and spa centers etc. The Bulgarian NGO is now looking for sales representatives to customise the programme and services under a commercial agencies agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The organization is looking for partners - sales representatives to customise the safe inbound and outbound medical and wellness travel programmes under a commercial agencies agreement. Required understanding of cross-cultural specifics, of international collaboration, fluent English.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
Potential partners required to speak fluently English, to have at least a college degree, to have understanding of basic travel and tourism principles, of international cooperation and analytical capabilities.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Exclusive Rights
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