Bulgarian producer active in the field of waste water and water treatment is offering commercial agency, subcontracting and manufacturing agreements

Bulgarian compnay specialized in integrated service of developing, designing and manufacturing of water purification instalations and wastewater treatment plants is looking for commercial agency agreement, manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.
Bulgarian company specialized in design of treatment plants for drinking, technological and wastewater is offering production, installation and warranty and post-warranty maintenance of technological installations and water purification stations for: - drinking water treatment plants - urbant wastewater treatment plants - technological wastewater treatment plants The company provides the following innovative and cost-effective water treatment solutions: 1. Installations for: · stabilization of bottling water · physico-chemical stabilization of water for technological purposes · microbiological stabilization of water for swimming pools 2. Production of water treatment facilities: · ozonators · oxidation reactors · pressure quick filters · electrolysis · flotators 3. Design, manufacturing and implementation of wastewater treatment plants. The Bulgarian company is with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of integrated electro-physical technologies for ecology and offering a high-tech installations for physicochemical correction of hydrocarbons in process wastewater from different types of industries. The facilities are of original design solutions, with internationally recognized principles of action, made entirely of stainless steel, designed and manufactured by the company, with principles of operation in accordance with the best available techniques. The facilities are innovative, with high hydrocarbon purification effect combining the oxidative action of ozone and the restorative effect of electrolysis. The facilities are energy and financially profitable and environmentally friendly. The company offers activities for the production, installation and starting of modular technological facilities integrated along the water path into an installation for physico-chemical water purification of wastewater. The plant's facilities implement effective treatment methods - electrocoagulation, ozone oxidation and pressure flotation. The Bulgarian company is looking for foreign partners - water companies, wastewater treatment plants, companies from different sectors (textile, agri-food, etc), municipalities and other fields to establish business cooperation in the framework of commercial agency agreements, manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. The company is seeking to collaborate with companies that can offer projects that require water or wastewater treatment as a solution. The expected result in the framework of the manufacturing agreement is solving the problem of water purification of a partner’s plant in compliance with the required environmental requirements. The expected result in the framework of subcontracting will be allowing the general contractor to expand the range of customers for water purification and water treatment.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for commercial agency agreements for the design, implementation of installations and treatment plants. The potential partners should be active in one of the following activities: water distribution, wastewater collection and treatment facilities: - Communities or municipalities, rural development associations; - Water companies and wastewater treatment plants in municipalities; - Industrial companies (textile, agri-food, etc) interested in treating their wastewater; - Companies interested in developing water supply and water remediation projects; - Wholesalers of devices for treatment systems for household. The tasks to be performed by the partner sought - to offer projects for contractors, which need solutions in water and/or wastewater treatment to participate in the framework of subcontracting agreement. Under the manufacturing agreements foreign partners would require, order and buy custom-made solutions solving the problem of water purification of a partner’s plant in compliance with partner's requirements.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The electrochemical integrated technologies for water purification, developed and applied by the company, are mainly aimed at obtaining physicochemically and microbiologically stable waters with a very low content of compounds of nitrites, phosphates, manganese and iron, as well as specific pollutants - nitrates, arsenic, uranium, strontium, mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium, petroleum products, pesticides and organic compounds. The facilities with which the electrochemical integrated technologies are realized are: - ozonators for cold electrostimulation synthesis - vacuum oxidation reactors - electrolysis reduction reactors - screen electrostatic precipitators - adsorption filters with modified natural zeolites They company offers original design solutions manufactured with scientifically recognized principles of operation, awarded many national and international prizes.
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