Bulgarian producer of agricultural machinery is interested in distribution service agreements

The Bulgarian company focused on the production and trade in quality agricultural machinery is interested to find partners form EU and third countries. The company is looking for partnership under distribution service and/or commercial agency agreements.
Bulgarian company established in 2011 is specialized in production of compact disc harrows, graders, scrapers, tractor hitch and subsoilers. Characteristics of the products offers by the company are as follows: - Land levelling scrapers with laser, or GPS control. They are controlled full by hydraulics, available from 2.0 meter to 10.0 meter working widths. - Subsoiler`s are for deep ploughing 2 models are 45 cm, and 55 cm depth, and have special degrees on the legs, so up to 15 km`s working speed, and fuel efficiently. They are available with 5 legs 2.5 m. length, 7 legs - 3.0 m., 9 legs - 3.7 m., and 11 legs - 4.0 m. working width. Also, they have dual spoke rollers on the back, controlled hydraulically. The compact disc harrows are shallow ploughing, they are separated inside to 3 types - 3 point hitch fix (rigid), 3 point hitch, and fold-able. -The disc harrows are available fold-able and tandem from 2.5 m. to 6 m. working widths. The discs are made of special durable material with a result of less wear costs and have high operating rates, fuel efficient. Each disc is separately connected to the chassis with rubber roller springs. The grinding of the plant residues and stubble, and the soil mixing are highly efficiently performed. The hardened impermeable layer, usually of clay, which occurs in/or under the soil and damages the drainage and growth of plants, is usually located 8-10 cm. below the top layer of arable land. It is largely waterproof and must be properly broken down and treated to maintain optimal soil conditions for plant growth. The agricultural machinery manufactured by the company is designed and specialized to handle these difficulties in the agriculture. The flexibility and ease of use of the Bulgarian company's agricultural machinery has been proven to satisfy the client's needs. The Bulgarian producer is interested to cooperate with traders and dealers under distribution service agreements or commercial agency agreements worldwide.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Bulgarian producer is looking for partnerships under distribution service agreement experienced in the agricultural sector into their countries. They should have good connections with the agriculture business and a stable client base. The role of the partners would be to distribute the company's products in the new markets. Partnership under commercial agency agreement is sought with companies that will carry on the representation of the agricultural machinery in their national or regional markets.
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