A Bulgarian producer of fruits is looking for distributors

A Bulgarian producer grows strawberries – greenhouse production, American blueberries and organic plums. The fruits are grown in an ecologically clean mountain area. This SME is looking for international partners in order to present and sell the products. A commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement is sought.
The farm is located on the territory of the village of district Sofia, Bulgaria. The area is mountainous and ecologically clean, far from large industrial productions. The farm was established in 2016 as a small family business specializing in fruit production. This producer grow high quality strawberries, blueberries and plums. The greenhouse strawberries bear fruit from May 15 to November 15, with an average daily yield of 700 kg. Available in packages of 500g or in bulk. The company works with the most popular varieties with excellent taste and long shelf life. American blueberries are selected early varieties that bear fruit in July - August. They are characterized by exceptional size and durability. They have the ability to calibrate the production and offer cuts of 125g, 250g / in bulk. The young plums plantations have a certificate for organic production and bear fruit in the period August - September. The entity from Bulgaria offer packages of 1kg and in bulk. The company is looking for distributors, wholesalers, retail stores who are interested to sell its products to end customers in new local markets. The company is looking for partners who are willing to act as the company's distributor under distribution services agreements. The company has certificate for production and trade in organic plums (BG-BIO-21) and is also registered at the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety as a factory for food production.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company would like to collaborate with SMEs or large companies such chain stores, hypermarkets and local stores. This SME is looking for a distributor and/or an agent under a distribution or commercial agency agreement to sell and/or represent their products on different international markets. The partners must have a well-established network and experience in the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables.
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Already on the market
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