Bulgarian producer of hydraulic products is looking for distributors and is offering manufacturing agreements

Bulgarian company specialized in production of high-quality hydraulic components, systems, valves and spare parts is looking for trade partners and distributors and is offering manufacturing agreements.
The Bulgarian company with over a 100-year manufacturing traditions with a guarantee of high quality and reliability of its products offers hydraulic tools, hydraulic components, systems and valves customised for applications in agricultural machinery, forestry and heavy equipment machines, construction and other industries. The company develops a variety of hydraulic products and modules suiting the technical specification of the customers and users, and try to create flexible and dynamic manufacture so as to competently and promptly meet partners’ requirements. The company was founded in 1902 as an industrial metalworking enterprise. Since 1978 it has been specializing in the manufacture of hydraulic distributors and hydraulic components. The manufactured products (hydraulic valves, hydraulic sectional and monoblock cylinders, hydraulic valves, hand pumps, presses and more) find application in the following areas: agriculture, car construction and full machinery construction range where control of direction of working fluid passage between pressure flow generators and consumers is required. The company dynamic staff involves about 70 highly qualified mechanical engineers, economists, foreign market and human resource managers. Although a big percentage of the production is exported out of the country, the goal of the company is to extend worldwide availability of their products in the markets in Europe, Asia and Far East. The company is creating products with the following applications to completely satisfy customers’ expectations and requirements as regards reliability, quality and safety: - Electromagnetic hydraulic valves and diverters are used in construction of loaders (front loader, front-end loader, skip loader) or any kind of a heavy equipment machines used in construction and sidewalk maintenance to move aside or load inert materials. - Parts for agricultural equipment by any kind of machinery used on a farm or on a field. - Hydraulic systems, spare parts, and production in the sector of forestry machines - Hydraulic systems for log splitters. The equipment is a piece of machinery or equipment used for splitting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs that have been pre-cut into sections (rounds). The product range of the company includes: - Monoblock and sectional valves - solenoid control. The monoblock directional control valves-solenoid operated, offer perfect choice whether you are designing a new system or just simply trying to get more out of your current system. - Monoblock and sectional valves with electrohydraulic control - Monoblock valves with metering curve - Monoblock directional control valves - Sectional valves with directional control - Solenoid directional control valves - Rotary diverter valves - Piston/spool hand pump - double/single acting - Tanks - Manifolsd - cetop 3 and 5 base blocks - Forest crane and log splitting valves - New & other products The company is seeking exposure to international markets through distributors. The partners sought are to be sales distributors with big international experience. Additionally, the company is looking for a possibility to produce hydraulic tools, hydraulic components, systems and valves under manufacturing agreement for potential partners.
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The company is looking for a cooperation of two types: - The company would like to find long term business partners with whom it could work under the manufacturing agreement for production of hydraulic systems, valves, compnents upon clients request - The other type of suagtht partner is a distributor who has market knowledge of hydraulic tools and business relationships with industries from agricultural machinery, forestry and heavy equipment machines, construction and other industries using hydraulic components. The partners role is to obtain the company's production for further distribution under distribution services agreement.
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