Bulgarian producer of innovative ingredients is looking for distributors

An award-winning Bulgarian SME has invented and patented innovative ingredients, including liquid fermented plant extracts, which are safe, harmless, hypoallergenic and can be used on the market to improve the quality and taste of food. In order to continue their expansion into new markets, the company is looking for distributors with contacts to food or cosmetics companies needing added flavours and aromas based on organic, quality compounds.
Founded in 2017, the Bulgarian company provides solutions to both environmental and food safety problems in the food flavouring and aroma industry. The company has won numerous innovation prizes over the past years and is a fast-growing specialist within the food technologies sector as well as being accredited by the European Commission as an Advanced Technology Centre for Industries. The company offers a technology replacement for existing industrial mass market solutions producing essential oils and their derivatives, which are not suitable for food and beverages, by replacing them with liquid fermented plant extracts (LFPEs). The products offer significant environmental advantages over essential oils including: - Environmental footprint of 10 kg vs 1000 kg of CO2 emissions and 200 ml vs 500 litres of water needed to produce 1 kg of product. - Food safety: LFPEs are created to be eaten straight and without any side effects. Their usage in food and beverages is as safe as consuming the herbs or spices in raw form. LFPEs use no solvents, no alcohol, no artificial additives, or additional enzymes. They are made using mechanical pressing only, and are native fermentation based. Due to their low glycaemic index and organic composition, they are suitable for people of all ages, as well as for various health conditions including diabetes, insulin resistance, allergies, and gastroenterological conditions. Enriching the market with such products allows those who need a life-sustaining diet to diversify their eating options, as well as reduce sugar intake without depriving themselves daily. The company can also develop new innovative food products based on scientific research, add functionality to existing food products, giving it added value, can develop new product lines based on client needs, and give suggestions and science-based expertise to clients to develop industry recipes. In order to continue its expansion and scale-up, the company is looking for distributors, working closely with the food processing or cosmetics industries, particularly with experience and contacts within ingredients and flavours, looking for an innovative and reliable supplier of safe, healthy, tasty, sustainable and affordable food products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The ideal partner would be a distributor, working with large food companies, supplying flavours and ingredients, but looking for a safer and more advanced solution to gain market share. The Bulgarian company is also open to other industries with this need, which would also include the cosmetics sector. .
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
● Commercially available (2 projects) ● Prototype stage (5 projects) ● Advanced level of research & design (1 project)
IPR Status: 
Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
The company has 1 patent owned, 6 patents in progress and 36 product concepts at idea/business plan stage
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