Bulgarian producer of innovative wooden toy is looking for distributors and/or commercial agents in Europe.

A Bulgarian SME that produces innovative wooden toy is looking for distributors who can introduce the product into their market. Secondly this SME is looking for agents with an existing contact list that can offer the product to potential customers e.g. kinder gardens, children's shops, different stores. Wholesale companies and toy stores are also of interest. The company is looking for business partners for distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreements.
An SME from North-eastern Bulgaria founded in 1990 produces an innovative wooden toy - vehicle type for children of all ages from one year and upwards. The toy dog is made of wood from the Balkan and Rila mountains in Bulgaria. The material is dry and environmentally friendly. It meets all requirements, is non-toxic and non allergic because all of the manufacturing processes are performed without the use of harmful chemical reactions. The toy consists of 22 parts, it is handmade and is assembled by skilled workers. This feature makes the dog toy very interesting and brings it closer to a living dog. These types of toys are rarely found in the world of wooden toys which makes them particularly attractive to the children. The dog toy is like a small robot and the little kid is the operator. It helps the child to develop its coordination, sensory organs and the development of children's imagination, helps educate and control the situation. The wooden dog-toy has a socially significant goal - to awaken the interest of children to the movement, games, entertainment and animal empathy. The toy is made from the following materials: natural wood, natural suede-ears, paper counterparts with a protected surface, wooden divills, water based glue and lacquer - both water dilutable. The company wishes to increase their business presence in EU as there is much potential for their unique toy dog to be used worldwide. This SME is looking for business partners in all EU countries in order to sign commercial agency agreements and distribution agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Partners can either be distributors, importers or agents who have good understanding of the toy industry as well as a well-established network and contacts in either: 1. department stores, 2. online shopping, mail orders 3. supermarket chains, toy stores. Partners with connections to large toy-stores, retail-chains and school-wholesalers are of particular interest.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The product has certificate with number GTIN-8:3802677
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