A Bulgarian producer of office supplies is looking for distributors

An SME from Bulgaria, specialized in the production of a wide range of office supplies, is seeking new partnership opportunities. Most of the products the company offers are their own brand. This entity is looking for partners mainly in Europe to represent and sell the products from their own brand through signing a commercial agency and/or distribution services agreement. The Bulgarian company is also considering signing a franchise agreement with a suitable foreign partner.
The company is founded in 1991 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2021 it already celebrates 30 years on the market. This SME developed its own brand of office supplies in 2001. The main activities of the company are focused on development, production, storage and supply of stationary, office and school supplies. Their portfolio include: - art supplies - rulers, glues and correctors - paper products - office accessories - folders and lever arch files - gift bags The company also distributes in Bulgaria famous European brands of office supplies. The Bulgarian SME wants to expand its international coverage trough an agent and/or a distributor to sell/represent their office supplies. Thus the Bulgarian company will be looking for a commercial agency agreement and/or distribution services agreement. The Bulgarian company is also interested in expanding its market share and to realize it full potential by signing a franchise agreement with European partners by offering its own brand to potential franchisees. All partners should have an experience and interest in trading with office and school supplies.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company would like to collaborate with SMEs or large companies operating in the field of office and school supplies. Under a distribution agreement: the SME is looking for a distributor to sell their products on different international markets. The partner must have a well-established network and experience in the sale the relevant products. Role of the commercial agents: to represent the Bulgarian producer’s interests and to make deals on behalf of company, collaborating in the expansion of the company's market within and outside the European Union. Under a franchise agreement, the partner sought would have the right to market and sell office and schools supplies under the Bulgarian company's trademarked name.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Design Rights,Trade Marks,Copyright
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