Bulgarian producer of patented linear and rotary high accuracy actuators for industrial robots and precise machine building is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance and manufacturing agreements in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and UK.

Bulgarian manufacturer of linear and rotary actuators and computer numerical control (CNC) machining centers and CNC milling machines has successfully patented a rack & pinion mechanism that eliminates the backlash during changing the direction of travel. The actuators offer high accuracy, ease of adjustment and low operating costs. The desired partnerships are commercial agreement with technical assistance or manufacturing agreement. Target countries: Germany, Austria, Slovenia and UK
Bulgarian manufacturer of zero-backlash linear and rotary actuators is looking for in partners in machine building and industrial automation. The company has developed and patented two zero-backlash rack and pinion drive systems for linear and rotary movement. The patented actuators are used in industrial robots and precise machine building. The construction of these two actuators allows achieving of exceptionally low price of the final product compared to the industry average, while ensuring high speed and high precision of work. In addition, the actuators provide easy and inexpensive after-sale service, and long operational life of the machine. The drive systems are particularly suitable for building assembly robots and handlers, aggregate modular machinery (e.g. plasma cutters, laser cutters, woodworking routers, etc.). The company has been providing industrial CNC solutions since 1989 and thus, has gained vast experience in meeting the needs of other manufacturers. Today, its solutions are affordable, reliable, easy to use with proven high quality and high speed of work, in order to suit the needs not only of medium/large size companies, but also of small size companies. In order to achieve business excellence, the company has been integrating parts and software supplied by world leaders in the industry. The company is looking for foreign industrial partners that are interested in value-engineered solutions in drive systems, particularly to increase productivity and accuracy at affordable prices. The company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance and manufacturing agreement. The technology on offer is especially suited for manufacturers that have specialized technical departments of automation of production. The Bulgarian company is open to participate in key client meetings and also offer technical assistance and training. Moreover, it is ready to provide assistance with starting up an installation, advice on the use of the actuators and change of technological process, quality control, technical consultancy and maintenance. The manufacturer is interested also in Manufacturing Agreements (Co-contracting) where there would be transfer of the technology on offer to manufacturers that want to add their own electronics and software to create a new drive system.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partner in the commercial agreement with technical assistance must have a vast network of industrial contacts. Moreover, must be an inventor and open to learn new technologies. Research & Development Department and/or Industrial Automation Department are an advantage. The partner should attend regularly industrial conferences and fairs. The partner must advertise our products online and offline. The preferred area of activity would be drive systems. However, the more general area of automation of production is also suitable.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Secret Know-how,Patents granted
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