Bulgarian producer of wooden and metal furniture legs seeks manufacturers of upholstered beds, sofas and chairs, from Qatar and the Gulf countries, aiming at entering subcontracting (preferably) or manufacturing agreement

The Bulgarian SME manufactures wooden and metal furniture legs and other furniture components and is interested to find potential partners from Qatar and the Gulf countries to offer its products in different sizes, shapes, and materials. The company is aiming at establishing subcontracting / manufacturing agreement.
This Bulgarian SME was established in 2013 in Sofia and the production activities are performed in manufacturing premises in Plovdiv – the second biggest city of Bulgaria and main road and railroad junction. Its primary activity is the fabrication of furniture legs from different materials – for chairs, beds, tables, headboards, frames, etc. The company also produces other furniture components. The owner gained experience in the technology department of Ikea and now is managing its company, applying the acquired knowledge and skills. The company’s development department is able to design different legs and other furniture components from various materials - hard and softwood, metals, plastics, including components from combined materials. The production premises are equipped with all the necessary machinery for the manufacture of the designed articles – electro-welded aluminum tubes and profiles lines, hydraulic glue presses, CNC (computer numerical control) machines, wood splicing, cutting and shaping machines, molding, sizing, and turning machines, vacuum kiln machine (which can dry the wood to 8%), auxiliary, assembly, painting and surface finishing machines. The company’s staff is experienced in wood, metal and plastic processing. Now the company is producing components for some of the biggest furniture companies – Oschmann Comfortbetten, Breckle, Otten, CocoMat, Prettypegs, Hästens. The aim of the company is to find business partners and to expand its market share through subcontracting/manufacturing agreements. The company is willing to get in touch with producers of upholstered beds, sofas, and chairs from Qatar and the Gulf countries, who are ready to outsource the manufacturing of legs and/or other details. The company can produce these components according to the specifications and requirements of the client.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SMEs, large companies, companies engaged in the production of upholstered beds, sofas, and chairs. Role: in accordance with the agreements. Potential partners of the company are companies engaged in the production of upholstered beds, sofas, and chairs -furniture manufacturers, willing to assign the company with a subcontracting agreement for the production of furniture legs and other similar furniture parts. The manufacturers of furniture, considered as potential partners, must have the willingness and readiness to provide the company with the necessary specifications and drawings for the production of the required legs and/or other furniture parts and to ensure regular orders on the basis of long-term subcontracting / manufacturing agreement.
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Already on the market
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Design Rights
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