Chilean refill/reuse platform for products is looking for partners for license agreements or franchising in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and France to implement its reusable packaging distribution system

The Chilean company develops and offers IoT connected dispensers and smart reusable packaging for home care, personal care, beverages and food. They eliminate packaging waste while providing maximized cost savings and convenience. Their system provides game-changing product traceability and deep business intelligence for retailers. They are looking for partners in France, the Netherlands, UK and Germany for license agreements or franchising to implement their reusable system.
The Chilean company is dedicated to dispensing products in smart reusable packaging. The consumers deposit funds into the company`s app, via credit card, bank cards or fintech providers. Next, using their packaging as a wallet technology, funds can be deducted as consumers purchase products-via communication between their smart packaging and their IoT connected dispensers. The system enables the customers to purchase exactly how much product they desire while paying the same per-unit-price, regardless of the quantity of the product purchased. When customers purchase products, they update a real-time impact dashboard that shows the avoided plastic from the refill purchase. The real-time sales data can also be used to create powerful business intelligence and perhaps be integrated into European schemes. They are offering possibilities of franchising or license agreements to partners from Germany, France, the Netherlands and UK. The partner has to have logistical and commercial capacity to oversee the deployment of the Chilean company`s products into new European markets. They are looking for values-aligned implementation partners to become a partner in Europe.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
They are offering possibilities of franchising or license agreements to partners from Germany, France, the Netherlands and UK. For the licence agreement, they are searching: SMEs large companies, food companies, personal care or beverages enterprises. Placement of the trademark name of the copyright holder as well as non disclosure of production secrets other confidential information. The responsibilities of the partner search in the franchise agreement lays out the details of what duties each party needs to perform and what compensation they can expect. The company actively searches for candidates with a strong background such business management, sales marketing, accounting and hospitality.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
They are looking for partners should have the following parameters -Ability to support logistics processes between their partners and retailers. -Expertise servicing and maintaining vending machines. -Deep knowledge of retail in local markets. -Partners dedicated to providing an excellent quality of service and upholding impact objectives. -Deep knowledge and partnership networks in the retail space is a valuable asset
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