A Chinese company seeks qualified partners who have automated external defibrillator products or technology and hopes to conclude supplier agreements

A Chinese company, specialised in automated external defibrillator (AED) original equipment manufacture and sale, is looking for technology partners with AED technology or products to collaborate under a supplier agreement.
This Chinese company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical instruments products in China. Their medical industry base owns the complete ownership of the fixed assets, and is covering 26.35 acre. It has comprehensive buildings and supporting public facilities for medical instruments. Their medical instruments products include implantable pacemaker, external cardiac pacemaker, heart pacemaker etc. Particularly, this Chinese company has AED market sales channels including procurement channels of public medical emergency products in China, and its customers include many large hospitals in China. They have mature sales channels but lack qualified AED products. Therefore, they are looking for global technology partners such as universities and R&D institutions with AED technology or qualified products, and hope to achieve supplier agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
This Chinese company would like to find partners who have AED technology or qualified products with the specification required. They hope their supplier could be able to offer qualified automated external defibrillator under technology assessment (technical level and reliability verification). The product could be applied in medical fields including medical laboratories and hospitals.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
This Chinese company’s specific requirements of AED product are listed as below: 1. Defibrillator machine weight (battery included)≤2.6kg; 2. With 6-inch and above colored display, which can provide users with guidance of first aid in footages; 3. Adapt to the noisy environment of the first-aid site, and can automatically adjust the voice volume accordingly; 4. From power-up to the readiness of 200J discharge <7s; 5. Withstand the drop impact of more than or equal to 1.5m on all six sides; 6. Dustproof and waterproof: IP55; 7. Energy output: the maximum for audit could be 360J; 8. Be able to function properly with a temperature range from negative 5 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius and shall operate for at least 60 minutes after switching to temperature of negative 20 degrees Celsius from room temperature; 9. Send information to the equipment manager or first responder, and automatically displays the location information when emergency occurs; 10. Use biphasic waveform technology, with the waveform parameters can be automatically compensated according to the patient’s impedance; 11. Period of validity of defibrillator electrode≥5 years; 12. In standby mode, the electrode sheet pre-connects with the host machine; 13. At room temperature, the battery life in standby mode shall be not less than 4 years; 14. Have low battery indicator, and can function properly for at least 30 minutes and give at least 10 times of 200J defibrillation charges and discharges after the low charge alarm; 15. Offer an auto-brightness mode that automatically adjust the screen brightness based on ambient light; 16. Support built-in 4G wireless data transmission, which can wirelessly transmit self-checking data to AED management platform, and export rescue record data through external USB flash devices; 17. The memory shall be not less than 1GB, shall store not less than 1000 self-checking reports; with recording function, which can store 60 minutes of live recording; 18. With one-click switching mode for different patients, which can automatically switch prompts, defibrillation energy and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) compression mode according to different types of patients.
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