A Chinese offshore equipment company providing wire rope products seeks European partners to sign distribution services agreement

This is a Chinese company specialised in offshore equipment design and manufacturing. Currently, the Chinese company can provide different kinds of wire ropes, including elevator wire ropes, hoisting wire ropes, mooring ropes and winch cables. It is looking for potential European distributors for wire ropes business exploration in the European market under a distribution services agreement.
The Chinese company was established in 2006. It can provide a wide range of products and services including professional equipment, consumable materials, equipment rental service and ocean engineering services for offshore oil and natural gas exploitation, ship construction, and ocean transportation. It is good at fulfilling customers' urgent requests and sourcing the materials and equipment that are difficult to find from around the world. It has also acquired the quality management system certification of ISO 9001:2000, and will keep improving quality management by strictly following the certification standards. Wire ropes provided include: elevator wire ropes, hoisting wire ropes, mooring ropes, and winch cables. 1.Elevator wire ropes The elevator steel wire rope has a compact and soft structure, and the force of each strand is even. The full length and permanent elongation of the wire rope is small, the diameter deviation of the wire rope is small, the cleaning rod is uniform, the surface grease is uniform, and the adhesion performance is good, which can improve the elevator traction. The use of high-quality sisal core elevator wire rope is suitable for 2.5m/s high-speed elevators. 2.Hoisting wire ropes Hoisting wire ropes have several kinds of types, including multi-layer non-rotating, four-strand fan-shaped non-rotating, strand structure, and general-purpose steel wire ropes. Also it can be divided into two other types: smooth and galvanized. It is mainly used for the processing of rigging and general hoisting operations. It has the advantages of softness and easy processing properties. 3.Mooring ropes Line contact structure steel wire ropes, strand structure, mainly used for marine mooring lifting, marine anchor lifting, and traction equipment. 4.Winch cables Wire ropes with line contact, strand structure, mainly used for traction equipment such as winches and hoists. At the end of 2020, the company's subsidiary provided anti-epidemic materials to the British Health industry government, and the company recognised the increasing potential of the European market. Taking this as an inspiration, the Chinese company hopes to open up the European market deeply and increase revenue. Currently, it plans to explore more European distribution partners for its wire rope products via a distribution services agreement.
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The Chinese company seeks potential European distributors for its wire rope products via a distribution services agreement. Potential European partners who are familiar with offshore equipment industry or who have wire rope sales experience are the best.
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