Cloud-based services by a Chinese Internet company are available for overseas partners via a license agreement

The Chinese Internet company, established in west China in 2014, is committed to providing enterprise users with Cloud access, migration and deployment, and automated operation and maintenance. The company is now looking to the potential of offering a full range of Cloud-based technical services to foreign partners by signing a license agreement.
The Chinese Internet-based company was founded in a western Chinese city in 2014. It focuses on Cloud-based technology development and service provision. The company's customer groups involve many types of Internet enterprises such as foreign trade websites, portals, block chains, online games, social forums, mobile applications and live streaming media. Based on many years of experience in operation and maintenance, with a deep technical background in the mainstream public Cloud domain, the company provides the customers with Cloud strategy consulting services to meet their workload and application technical requirements in terms of architecture, performance, security, costs, availability and integration. Such services could facilitate the clients' security check, intelligent monitoring, product release, defense against cyber attacks, deployment surrounding malfunction repair, and backup & restore, etc. And its technical service team is committed to providing developers with easy, simple, secure and efficient one-stop Cloud solutions. The company's operation service center is located in Chengdu and offers one-stop services of business consulting, business acceptance and global MSP (Managed Service Provider) to the clients worldwide. Up until now, the company's business has fully covered Chengdu, and extended to Shanghai, Beijing, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Silicon Valley and Toronto. The company is looking to the potential of offering foreign partners a full range of Cloud-based technical services by signing a license agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Those foreign developers and other business entities in need of Cloud-based services and advisory are exactly the partners the Chinese company is looking for. Cooperation between the Chinese company and the foreign partners could begin from signing a license agreement.
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