A company from Bosnia and Herzegovina dealing with the printing industry is looking for trade intermediary services

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Bosnian company, specialized in the printing industry, is offering the following products: graphic prepress and editing, sheet print (offset), reel print (web), bindery, business gifts, school books due to trade intermediary services.The company wants to expand its portfolio in different markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark,Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and UK. It is looking for trade intermediary services (distributors) for its products and commercial agency agreements
A company from Bosnia and Herzegovina dealing with the printing industry is looking for trade intermediary services. The company is equipped with modern technology in all aspects of graphic production, the using of machines and the expertise of the employees. It is able to produce a wide range of graphic products. In the graphic prepress and installation department, they have two Lüscher CTP (Computer-to-plate) platesetters which are a guarantee of quality and speed in the preparatory stage of printing production. Department for the sheet-fed printing is equipped with: 1. Heidelberg Speedmaster B1 eight-color offset press 2. Heidelberg Speedmaster B2 five-color offset press 3. Heidelberg Speedmaster B2 two-color offset press 4. Heidelberg one-color offset press . This group machines is a guarantee of quality, speed and variety of printing options from which they emphasize: - printing on paper and board 60-400 g . - color printing + 4 spot colors - printing on special surfaces (silk, linen, tracing) using a special drying paint - protective UV printing inks visible only under UV light The main products are: hard binding books, soft binding books, stitching wire products, spiral binding products. Specific types of products are papers with a watermark, such as savings books for banks, work documents, ballots, etc. Other types of products are: leaflets, posters, tickets, paper bags, wobblers, cube blocks, folders, numbered blocks, various types of forms, etc. The company has started with the export of school notebooks and other school products to the markets of all countries ex-Yugoslavian. Last few years, they started to export their products on Italian, Austrian, German and Swiss market. The company offers trade intermediary services to the potential partners due to expansion of its production services. In order to do that, the company is looking for partners willing to distribute the company's products and/or for commercial agents to represent the products and act as intermediate for the distribution of its products. The company has a plan to expand its portfolio of clients and to meet other markets for mutual trade intermediary cooperation.
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The company wants to find a business partner located on EU market, which will launch its graphic products and services on the EU market. The potential partner should be small to medium company and it is desirable to have experience in graphic industry. A preferred partner must have good market knowledge. Type of clients they preferred : book publisher and magazines.
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