A company from Bosnia and Herzegovina, dealing with the production of high quality floor coverings is interested in distribution and outsourcing activities from its own manufacturing base in the heart of Europe.

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Bosnian company, manufacturing high quality floor coverings would like to find business partners for distribution and outsourcing agreements. The sector of the activity includes manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials, and the products offered include various floor coverings such as hardwood floor, engineered floor, vinyl decor and decking. Floor coverings are suitable for residential and commercial use.
Over 15 years ago, the company continued expansion of its building materials core business and moved deeper into the sector with the purchase of a sawmill near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. International support and continuous development facilitated expansion. With a capacity of over half a million square meters per year and warehousing of over 25,000 m², the factory has supplied leading clients throughout Europe. The corporation commits to joining traditional, high-quality flooring production with modern designs and trends, technology, logistics, and sustainability. Specializing in the production of hardwood flooring, the corporation offers a fantastic portfolio of high grade, cost effective products. Its clients have a multitude of flooring options to select from solid wood flooring, mosaic/industrial parquet, multilayer parquet, designer vinyl flooring and even exotic decking for the outdoors. It is offering to perform the above-mentioned business process within the frame of an outsourcing agreement. As far as distribution agreement is concerned, the company is interested to set up a distribution agreement for above products. The company believes in long term partnerships and welcomes new business. Being well aware of the newest product and market trends and increasingly sustainable requirements of the market, it offers FSC certified flooring to all of its partners. It values partnerships and wants to give everyone an opportunity to have access to its excellent and sustainable floor coverings.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: Industry Activity: The company seeks partners in the wood industry Role: As far as the distribution agreement is concerned, the partner should be engaged in the distribution in the flooring industry, and as far as outsourcing agreement is concerned, the client should be involved in wood industry and in search for outsourcing partner for various floor coverings such as hardwood floor, engineered floor, vinyl decor and decking.
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