A company from Lithuania working in contract manufacturing of electrical appliances, lighting, and decor elements areas is offering its services under manufacturing agreement and subcontracting

The Swedish-Lithuanian company successfully setuped in Lithuania, is involved in contract manufacturing of electrical appliances, lighting, and home decor elements. It is offering its services and is looking for partners to work under manufacturing agreement or subcontracting.
The Swedish-Lithuanian company is operating in Lithuania since 2002 in the contract manufacturing sector. The company manufactures smart devices, electric switches, household appliances, LED (light-emitting diode) lighting, electro-mechanical devices, metal products from sheet metal processing to large-scale products. The company belongs to a companies group (with another 14 companies, located mainly in Lithuania and in Ukraine with a total of 2700 employees and production space of 160 000 m2). The main business segments are: - Electrical (e-mobility, electro-mechanical devices) - Household (lighting, home decor, home electronics) - Industrial (kitchen equipment, fishing equipment, shelving systems, cabinets). The company is ready to offer services: - semi-automated assembly (19 assembly lines); - plastic injection molding (52 plastic injection molding machines, robots); - metal sheet processing (welding, bending, plasma & laser cutting – full spectrum shop); - R&D (research and development) support, design for manufacturability. The company has the ability to work with partners from the idea to final product manufacturing and assembling, to offer solutions combining electronics, plastics, metal, and R&D in one company with a European mindset, work ethics, cost analysis, and quality. The company's targeted quantities are medium, high volume quantities, but it is also interested to work with start-up businesses, designing hubs that would like to begin with small quantities and grow up to production volumes. The company's knowledge of its capabilities is in the assembly of sub-units for circuit breakers, enclosures, safety locks, switches, connecting, modular devices, smart home electrical devices, lighting solutions, where the combination of semi-manual work, plastics, electronics, and in some cases sheet metal is in need with R&D teams support to merge product requirements for manufacturability. The company is seeking to expand abroad more with its contract manufacturing services and is looking for business partners to work under manufacturing agreement or subcontracting.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is offering its contract manufacturing services and is looking for foreign partners to work under manufacturing or subcontracting agreements. Potential partners might be: - Technology companies (intelligent energy transformation solutions: eMobility, inverters, circuit breakers, chargers, modules, connecting devices, etc.); - Design development companies (specialist-designers creating smart electronic devices, innovative products) - Retail multinational companies (lighting, home decor, home appliances, etc.); - Industrial equipment companies (industrial kitchens, food equipment, shelving systems, storage devices, fishing equipment). The partner should be able to provide technical product specifications/requests/ descriptions and be open to communication. Long-term cooperation is preferable.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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