A company from the Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina, producer of essential oils, hydrolates, teas and extracts is looking for distributors or agents

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The producer and processor of medicinal, aromatic and spice plants from Republic of Srpska region, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is looking for distributors or agents for representing their products on the international market. The company is specialized in production of teas, essential oils, hydrolates and essential oils extracts offering over 200 various products. They obtain all the necessary certificates for export to the international market.
The company is one of the mayor producers of teas, scented bags of plants, hydrolates, essential oils, tinctures and herbal plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Producer offers to the market completely natural products that have a very positive effect on improving human health, strengthening the body's immunity, skin and face care, refreshment and disinfection. The company has been on the market with a smaller number of products since 2011. At the beginning they were selling the products on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but by increasing the number of products, improving quality and with improved marketing they managed to place a significant part of the production to the international market. The company is, besides Bosnian market, exporting its products to the countries of the Balkans region, Germany, USA, Canada, the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ireland. At present, the company offers over 200 types of products. They are fully equipped with all the necessary technology and know-how for processing plants and production of the final products. The company is primarily interested in cooperation with trade intermediaries (distributors or commercial agents) who could assist them in seeking out clients or potential partners on international market.
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The company is primarily interested in collaboration with international partners with experience in this sector in order to represent and distribute its products on the international market. Their products are not sufficiently visible on the international market and they are looking for long-term cooperation in order to be adequately presented abroad. Further details about partner roles would be specified in direct contact.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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