Consultancy and development services offered in the area of distributed clock synchronisation for data acquisition purposes.

A Cypriot start-up specialising in data acquisition, signal processing, distributed clock synchronisation, underwater acoustics, and electronic hardware prototyping aspires to engage in Services cooperation agreements with interested parties. Consultancy and development services are offered for fulfilling real-time data acquisition requirements. Methodologies and hardware/software have been developed to provide streams of synchronised data from a large number of analogue sources
The organisation is a Cypriot startup that specialises in signal processing and the realisation of prototypes or bespoke electronic equipment in order to fulfil a special purpose or function. These functions mostly adhere to the digitisation of analogue signal sources ranging from low-frequency acoustic to high-frequency radio signals. This data acquisition procedure can become technically difficult to implement in real-time especially when the number of the analogue sources is large and their physical distribution has to cover a large area. Most of the problems related to the nature of such data acquisition situations arise from the requirement to accurately distribute the sampling clock to the individual sampling sources. The organisation can provide both consultancy and bottom-up design/development services to potential clients seeking to implement distributed clock synchronisation into their products or processes. The organisation is seeking potential customers that can utilise the aforementioned offerings in their product lines or processes via a Services cooperation agreement. The technology offerings can cover: 1. Consultancy on how to implement such functionality in an existing or future system. The organisation has developed a streamlined approach on how to achieve this with minimal overhead in terms of hardware and software. 2. Analogue and digital hardware in order to achieve such distributed synchronisation functionality based on a set of given requirements. An existing platform that has been developed in house can be provided as is or modified to suit other requirements. The offered solutions are low-powered, small-sized, they are extremely scalable and can be adapted to most analogue front-ends. 3. Firmware and accompanying software can be provided in order to operate the provided hardware. In combination with the hardware these offerings can provide continuous streams of samples originating from a number of analogue sources exceeding 300 channels while being synchronised to sub-microsecond levels. Potential usage scenarios can include: 1. Acoustic signal acquisition from multiple distributed sources. 2. Clock distribution in cellular technology systems, e.g., 4G/5G. 3. High-frequency trading (consultancy services only). 4. Practically any situation where real-time, high-speed, distributed data acquisition is required.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Interested parties are sought that operate in the industry and/or applied research areas with needs for high-speed, distributed data acquisition and clock synchronisation. Potential clients would operate in the electronics engineering sector in the areas of acoustics, cellular communications, or even high frequency trading. The cooperation could take place on the grounds of implementing a specific set of requests or even the co-development of a certain functionality based on the needs of the client.
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Field tested/evaluated
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Secret Know-how
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