COVID-19: Czech company offers professional protective half-masks without expiratory valve with set of nano filters and is looking for distributors and/or agents

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A Czech high-tech SME manufactures set of professional protective half-masks and nano filters and is looking for distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements with partners that have good business connections in the fields of medical supplies or supplies to state enforcement units or to military personnel.
The Czech SME has developed and manufactures protective half-mask with nanofilters to minimize the risk of transmission of infection and from the user to the neighbourhood (not using exhalation valve). It provides perfect protection in places and areas where user can be exposed to harmful viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19. After years of challenging product development a Czech SME, in collaboration with an university, a new generation of protective half-mask with nano filters was marketed and now is exported to many countries around the world. The half-mask that is patented, meets the requirements of customers for high reliability and comfort of use, it means for longer wearing time. Initially, it was invented for the first line responders, rescue services, firefighters, police, paramedical workers, military, research. It also served well in popular events like Dakar rally and currently, in COVID-19 pandemic, it found its way to paramedic services as protection against COVID-19. Circular filter with nano fiber membrane captures the most known human health biological threats – viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust, aerosols or solid particles and with advanced filter it tackles even radioactive particles (filter level 3). Thi professional half-mask provides active protection in the area of trapping ultra-fine particles with sizes from 20 nm (also viruses and bacteria). Offered half-mask for professional or medical use (adults) has a nano-fibre layers with high filtering efficiency of 99,9 %. The half-mask has been tested by the Czech Army for biosafety level 3 and 4 risks (tuberculosis, anthrax, ebola,…) with efficiency 99,9 % and also by NELSON independent laboratory in the USA for viral and bacterial filtration efficiency and is under certification FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as a type II medical instrument. Reusable protective half mask complies with the standard CSN EN 1827:200+A1:2009 and replaceable particle filters complies with the standard CSN EN 143:2001/A1 2006, certificates were issued by Czech Republic Occupational Safety Research Institute (CE certification). The range for use of half-mask is -10 to +50 oC and for ambient humidity up to 95%. Shape is universal for wide range of face sizes and profiles. The half-mask is composed of a flexible and a solid part. The nano textile filter element is attached to the solid part of the mask. Filters of half mask are equipped with different filtering materials, that are recommended for individual type of use and contaminants. For hazardous environment in contact with the infected person is recommended filter level 3 (certified capture up to 99,9 %). For normal use, a level 2 filter is recommended, which is without an exhalation valve and the environment is also protected (certified capture up to 97 %). The facial part of the mask is made of special silicone, which meets the strictest requirements for use in healthcare. It is characterized by high chemical resistance, minimal tendency to permanent deformation and extreme resistance to aging. The half-mask can be stored folded in a small package. It does not lose its flexibility even with long-term use. In addition the half-mask can be supplemented with glasses or a shield, it is adapted for medical and military use. Reference customers of protective half-masks with nano filters are e. g. US and Czech army, airport Prague, German Ministry of Health, Czech Police etc. The company looking for commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement to expand on new markets. For distribution services agreement the company is looking for a distributor, who will be distributing the mask in their local markets. For commercial agency agreement the company is looking for agents, who will be representing the Czech company in their local markets.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partners sought for either distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements: - distribution companies and/or agents supplying medical equipment to hospitals, - distribution companies and/or agents supplying protective equipment to state enforcement and protective units or to military personnel - distribution companies and/or agents supplying medical supplies and protective equipment to rescue services
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Patents granted,Trade Marks
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Utility models for the filter and for the common inspiratory and expiratory valve extended to the world patent pending. EU trademark registered.
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