COVID-19 - new air handling units for operating room hygiene

An innovative Turkish company developed a hygiene air handling unit (Hygiene AHU) that is used in all operating rooms requiring sensitive and sterile conditions like food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, air defense, aerospace and aviation industries, and facilities where sterile applications are made and hygiene conditions are required seeks cooperations under a commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement or manufacturing agreement.
Although very strict notifications have been created for operating room hygiene systems, many patients around the world die due to the microorganisms and infections they have caught during surgery. However, enormous figures are paid for the energy required to ventilate hospitals, intensive care units, or hygienic environments. The Turkish company offers solutions to all these problems with its hygiene air handling unit they developed. Hygiene air handling unit consists of the following systems: - Virus safe security system - HEPA and ULPA U15 filtration system - Silver ion coated seamless air ducts - Particle counting and lamp warning system - Two-zone temperature air conditioning system - Two-zone pressure air conditioning system - Humidification and humidity sontrol system - Ventilation and pressure control system The company installed the Hygiene AHUs in the operating rooms of the university hospital in the region and the microbiological analysis of all systems were tested by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the highest difficulty. There were no fungies and batteries in its biocontamination examination report. Results of all the samples taken from 13 points in 2 operating rooms were 0. The company is very professional on energy efficiency. All of the air handling units ( included Hygenie AHU) developed by the company are able to perform the functions of standard air handling units with two fans and two pressure circuits, with a single fan single pressure circuit, and it consumes much less energy. This system is a more rational, compact, silent and easy-to-maintain system that saves A +7 class in comparison with the other known air conditioning systems. The system is a complete system got the highest score of 4A in 4 branches from the European Patent Office. It brings very important innovations and standards compared to other air conditioning systems. The company also prepares air handling units by mobilizing them. In this way, they can be offered in places such as intensive care, hospital aisles, operating rooms, dr rooms, public transportation vehicles, cinema conference rooms, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, offices, and home. During the COVID process, in March, April and May 2020, a prototype mobilized product tested in COVID-19 labs and patient rooms in the university hospital of the region, feedback on the healthcare professionals working in the hospital weren't infected received by the doctors The company is a research and development company. The owner of this company is working with his other family business about manufacturing the air handling units. The AHUs are being manufactured in this company which has 6000 m² closed area in organized industrial zone and it has the capacity to produce 1000 air handling units in a year. The company is looking for long term cooperations based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement or manufacturing agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
For the cooperation type of manufacturing agreement and commercial aggrement with technical assistant, the type of the partner sought can be hospitals, laboratories, companies active in pharmaceutical industry, hotels, health centers, and the engineering, architectural, construction, and contracting companies worked on project basis. For the licence agreement, the type of the potential partner can the manufacturer of air handling units or the companies active in energy sector.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted
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