Croatian company is looking for distributors for clothing item that improves spine health

Thermomagnetic solution incorporated into a clothing item helps in improving general health of the spine and reduces problems of the spine.Use of this product raises the temperature of lumbal spine for almost 4 degrees Celsius, improves blood circulation, slows the weakening of the spine and facilitates movement. A Croatian SME is looking for distributors in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland working with nursing homes, centers for body care, trade unions and chain stores for underwear.
Croatian SME was established in June 2016 and currently has two employees. Company is specialized in Physical well-being activities. This product was designed as an effective mean to protect spine and prevent pain in the spine, back, neck and shoulders. SME won several awards at international fairs of innovations for this product and its use of thermomagnetic method. A healthy spine, being the pillar of the body is a foundation of a healthy body. Product works in a way that it retains body heat and reflects it back into the skin and through it in the connective tissues and bones of the spine. The vest has 6 magnets sewn in that generate a stable magnetic field around the spine which improves the flow of magnetic energy along the spine and stabilizes the spine. This way of heating and magnetizing the spine diminish existing pain in the lower back, neck and back. The result of the solution is increased warmth of the skin, in connective tissues and bone for 3,5 to 4,2 degrees Celsius (or an average of 3,91 degrees Celsius) which improves the blood supply, boost tissue and lymph flow. Increased circulation in the spine increases circulation throughout the body which has a beneficial effect on all parts of the body. It also reduces the frequency and intensity of migraines and leg convulsion, amplify circulation in the fingers and toes and levels up their mobility. Numbness and the feeling of cold are reduced as well as morning stiffness (which is a result of poor circulation). The result is that the body as a whole becomes more alkaline because of increased supply of oxygen to cells for all organs and tissues of the body. The advantage of the product over competitors is that it uses both, thermal and magnetic therapy and that it can be used continuously, unlike the other products for spine that can be used only occasionally. In that way the impact is greater and the long-term strengthening of the magnetic field of the spine leads to a continuously stronger and better blood supply of the spine. Product is intended for all people older than 15 years who want to improve their health and condition of their spine. The company is looking for distribution services agreement for distributors from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, who can take this product and develop sales in its respective countries.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: The ideal partner should be a company that has existing contacts at: 1.nursing homes 2.centers for body care and body health (fitness centers, wellness centers, spa, clinics, massage salons) 3. dentists, drivers, programmers, waiters and other professions that suffer from back pain unions 5.chain stores for underwear Role: The company is looking for distributors who can take these product and develop sales in its respective countries. This can be a company that is engaged in the distribution and sale and all other companies that have contact with the above-mentioned potential buyers.
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