Croatian design and software development company is looking for agents in Canada and USA

A Croatian company, specialized in design and software development, is looking for partners abroad under a commercial agency agreement. Targeted countries are USA and Canada. The company has experience in e-commerce projects, information technologies consulting, web and mobile applications development, booking systems etc.
A Croatian company, providing design and software services, was established in 2014. The company’s expertise consists of various software design and development services that work seamlessly across all platforms, be it mobile or desktop. They have experience in e-commerce projects, information technologies (IT) consulting, mobile and web applications (apps) development, booking systems etc. The companies team consists of different level developers and designers who are user experience (UX) experts that make sure every digital experience caters to the customers’ needs. Part of their rich portfolio includes: - Development of an e-commerce platform where anyone - regardless of their design or development skills - can buy an app or game templates ready to be customized and put on the market. - Building a platform for managing members, memberships, historical data like payments, employment etc. The aim of the platform is to provide an intuitive interface powered by a quick and optimized search engine. - Redesigning visual identity and designing and developing the website for the tourist agency, including a booking system. Since the company already has its own modular booking system, they’ve adapted and designed it to meet all the client’s needs. - Developing the app for the UNHCR which can connect the refugees to the first-hand information posted by UNHCR. The information shared through the app is not limited by the number of characters and all types of files can be shared (images, maps, etc.). It enables asking for help and reporting dangerous areas or situations. The app can also be used for searching the nearest help centers on the map. - Developing a customer relationship management tool which monitors the customers’ habits and offers discounts accordingly. The app intuitively and clearly displays sales statistics for each registered customer and makes additions and modifications extremely simple. - GPS Time Tracker - a simple web application whose purpose is to track the user’s workday. The app is built for freelancers and companies who want to know how much time they invest in each project. The company uses following web tools and technologies in their work: 1. Front-end technologies: SASS, Javascript, jQuery, Foundation, Framework, Bootstrap 2. Back-end technologies: PHP Zend Framework 2, Doctrine 2, Nginx, PHP (PHP FMP), MySQL, Memcached, React Native, Phalcon, Node.js, Yii Framework, Redis, Elasticsearch, Amazon S3, MSSQL connector The company also provides consulting services aimed at identifying client needs and developing a software which will suit them. Also, consulting involves informing the clients how to use the available technologies, how to improve the current software, how to build a software that can be scalable etc They are looking for partners from USA and Canada under a commercial agency agreement. The agent is expected to help the company penetrate into North American market.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company wants to expand its business to North American market (USA and Canada) and is looking for agents. The cooperation is envisaged through commercial agency agreement. The partner’s role under the commercial agency agreement is to represent the company on the international markets.
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Already on the market
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