Croatian "eProcurement" solution seeks licensees

A Croatian company that has developed a specialized business solution - a multilingual unique technology platform that standardizes and automates the entire procurement process - is looking for partners who would obtain the exclusive right to use software license and implement it.
A Croatian company, specialized in the design and development of business information systems to support general business processes and those made by special orders of clients, is offering partnership for licence agreement. This is a specialized business solution, developed with the financial support of the World Bank and in cooperation with a Croatian company, which is the regional leader in the production of food products and where the system was successfully integrated. It is a multilingual unique technology platform that standardizes and automates the entire procurement process. This software solution system (eProcurement) is a result of a long year complex research and it automates and supports the entire purchase process from creating a request to signing the contract. The system: - integrates all participants in the supply process, - reduces the operating costs of the process itself, - brings savings in the procurement of goods and services, - provides control and management of all project procurement using a single information system, - enables adjustment of the procurement process to any procurement organization, - ensures transparency of monitoring the execution of project tasks, - contains a unique module for defining the subject of procurement, - automatically analyzes according to pre-defined procurement criteria, - all communication takes place through a single information system, - contains a module for conducting online auctions, - module for online auctions can be used independently of the system, - contains a register of procurement documentation and procurement contracts, - archives knowledge and information and it is used in the public sector. The company wants to expand and expand its business and that is their motivation for future cooperation. The company is looking for a partner who would obtain the exclusive right to use the software license, implement it.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The potential partner should be specialized in ICT technologies and at least two of the programmers should be certified to work in the program “Oracle” with at least two years of working experience. Also, at least two employees should be trained in providing customer support services. The potential partner would obtain the exclusive right to use the licence for this particular software.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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