Croatian producer of specialized cleaning agents is looking for distributors of their product

Croatian manufacturer of specialized cleaning agents (alcohol-free; biodegradable) for sunglasses and prescription glasses (lens cleaner), smart phones, tablets, all types of screens, televisions, cameras, touch screens, etc. is looking for distributors and partners, and offers production for its partners (ISO 9001 ; ISO 14 001).
Croatian company produces an extremely effective product for cleaning glasses (lens cleaner), smart phones, tablets, all types of screens, televisions, cameras and binoculars. This product gently removes dirt, dust and fingerprints. And due to its advanced formulation, it dries quickly and leaves no traces. The alcohol-free formula contributes to the quality of the product for all types of glass and plastic surfaces. Product is the result of the long-term development efforts by engineers working in the company, as well as comprehensive tests performed in world-renowned laboratories. Tight cooperation with the world's leading suppliers of raw materials guarantees continuous quality of the product. In order to meet the most demanding environmental standards, the company managed to produce a premium quality cleaner with a special formula that is completely biodegradable. The company would like to expand its business to EU countries and other countries in Europe and the world. Production capacity is unlimited. The company is looking for distributors and export partners. It is possible to make products with a private label.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
• Type: Distributors • Activity: Optical stores, IT industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry. Role: Product distribution in markets (optical stores, IT companies, pharmaceutical companies, automotive industry).
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Already on the market
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Design Rights,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights
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