A Czech company that markets a proprietary method and materials for teaching English, built on experience only with non-native children, aged 3-11, seeks agents, distributors and licensees in Europe.

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A Czech company developed their own method of how to teach English with ease. The tried-and-trusted method has found multiple fans in more than 25 countries of the world already.The method is built on experience with non-native children. The teaching materials are designed for children aged 3-11 and thus the company seeks agents, distributors in EU countries, supplying educational materials to kindergartens, primary schools and language schools. Also publishing houses are sought for licensing.
In 2007 a Czech company was founded with a clear idea to put into practice and futher develop an original method of teaching English, with focus on non-native children, aged 3-11. The method was created by an English teacher during his years of teaching English in various non-English speaking countries. His extensive experience and knowledge was finally transformed into a set of original teaching materials built around two ingenious conceptual approaches: a) Learning a foreign language in the same, natural way as the mother tongue b) Learning by imitating and repeating and through experience involving more than one sense and emotional memory The comprehensive set consist of 8 complete series of materials and methodologies for teaching English to children aged between 3 and 11 years: 3 colours (levels) for pre-school children and 5 colours (levels) for the first five years of primary school. They include materials such as a Workbook, a Class Book (online), and a Teacher’s Book, interactive video materials (video songs and video stories), and other materials involving a native speaker of English and teacher. They are extremely flexible, meaning that each and every teacher can adapt them to suit their own needs and those of their class. The method and the teachers that use it make use of the natural curiosity and playfulness in children. Company´s findings came out of psycholinguists and developmental psychologists, that all healthy humans are “programmed” to learn how to communicate through speech. It is thanks to this ability, for example, that people can learn how to communicate in mother tongue. Young children simply learn language in the most natural way by imitating and continual repetition (drilling). They see all language in context, as a natural tool of understanding the world around them. Therefore the teaching is based on the natural need to communicate and have fun. Lessons are carefully planned, the order and type of activities are chosen so as to entertain the children and keep their attention, whilst at the same time sticking to the rules of learning and its objectives. The company has succeeded in 25 countries already and they seek further partners interested in the original method and who will seek its progressiveness. They are looking for agents that are able to promote the product and arrange supplies through distribution network to kindergartens, primary schools and language schools and also distributors with the same connections. Also publishing houses that would be interested in a licence are welcome.
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The company is looking for agents that take care of promotion and arrange supplies through distribution networkto kindergartens, primary schools and language schools. Also distributors with the same connections are sought. They also seek publishing houses with experience in publishing educational materials and with a good access to distribution networks with a good coverage within a country. The company seeks partners in Europe.
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