The Czech company offers engineering solutions services, which include the execution of all design works and the provision of documentation, on the basis of an outsourcing agreement.

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A Czech engineering office performs any design work, related to engineering services, mechanical design, project, light assembly works, local sourcing. The company focuses on technical inspections and quality control during production, installation of mechanical components in accordance with customer records and documentation. The company offers cooperation on the basis of an outsourcing agreement.
The Czech engineering consultancy company with the professional associated engineers in the field of engineering offers their services: - project and design of mechanical parts, steel structures - project documentation, manufacturing documentation - assembly drawings, sub-assembly drawings, detail drawings - participation in basic engineering – with customer - detail engineering – according requests of customer - transcription, modification and unification of documentation The company is experienced in providing of documentation for following branches : - steel industry, quarry industry, metallurgy, technological transportation (conveyors) The company is over 20 years active in the metal business in the Czech Republic. The engineers have deep knowledge of the Czech machinery and manufacturing conditions and strong relationship to Czech reliable manufacturers. The company can provide the local sourcing – identification of the local producers/suppliers of the mechanical parts according to demands of foreign clients and serve as a technical contact for foreign partners. The company has free capacities and would like to broaden their international contacts via outsourcing agreement with companies from European countries mainly from Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and the U.S.A. as well. The company looks for the partners with the need of mechanical designers and engineers. They should need/look for capacity of engineering, mechanical design, basic engineering, detail engineering, drafting of drawings in ACAD/modelling in INVENTOR. The partner can use also following service: - making manufacturing drawings from given basic engineering - present these drawings to the local manufacturers in order to find the right one for this purpose. The Czech company is prepared to fulfil the needs of the partner that intends to place / outsource manufacturing of the parts and components in the Czech Republic. This can provide the company seated in the Czech Republic that can process concrete inquiries based on given manufacturing documentation, clarify the technical and technological conditions of manufacturing directly with the potential manufacturers. The Czech company can identify real and suitable suppliers/manufacturers and establish the direct contact with them. During the manufacturing period the partner needs to have a company that checks production flow, makes quality checks (inspections) follow up manufacturing milestones, negotiates all occurring technical issues during manufacturing with a partner’s technical department and inform in real time about the status, organise logistics etc. This will be provided by the Czech company.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partner should be from the field of industry, business, machinery or mechanical design and should be interested to use the offered services. The partner should look for the manufacturing and deliveries of the mechanical components (welding, machining, assembly, steel structures). The Czech company expects from the partner that he intends to place/outsource manufacturing of the parts and components mentioned above in the Czech Republic.
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