A Czech company seeks agents for its proprietary workflow software designed for small construction companies and related crafts under a commercial agency agreement

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A Czech company has developed a software tool for digitization of processes in small construction companies and related crafts like electricians, heating, roofer etc. The workflow system allows management and inventory of the projects, carried out by workers, regardless of the location of the projects´ execution. The company looks for agents for promotion and distribution within commercial agency agreements.
The application was developed by a team of Czech ICT experts and a small construction company owner. This Czech company was established in 2018 to bring to the market a software tool designed especially for small construction companies.Its experience based on construction industry provides a good knowledge of the construction processes that are digitized into a complex solution – mobile application and website with data stored in a safe cloud. There exist also some competitive solutions, but they are focused on segment of bigger companies or they are not integrated in one tool e.g. there is software for construction diary, project management or equipment inventory separately. Developed software application has three parts. Data are stored in a safe cloud : 1) Online site diary Tool is available to anyone, non-stop by computer, tablet or mobile. Electronic site diary can automatically create 80% of day entries of users. The person responsible merely dictates the work done and attaches photos or videos. 2) Attendance Employees use mobile application to enter arrival, departure, and more. They have a work contract, certificates and other documents that are required for inspection during construction available in the application at all times. A statement of the hours worked for several years in retrospect, and of the money earned, is also available. 3) Property, tools and warehouse The system provides a complete overview of the material in stock and tools on construction sites. It always gives an overview of everything e.g. who took a particular tool and where it is at a moment. So, everything can be left on site without problems. The company wishes to expand into international market - looking for agents, providing software and/or software services to small construction companies and/or related crafts to sign commercial agency agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of a partner sought: companies, craftsmen The company seeks agents with good client base in construction industry with focus on small construction companies or among craftsmen working in construction industry. Agents are expected to promote the software among their clientele and acquire new clients.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The software has been successfully tested with pilot customers, early adopters and now is already available on the market.
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Secret Know-how
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