Czech company specialised in industrial automation and robotics offers to be a subcontractor to clients from automotive, electro, healthcare and other industries

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A Czech company specialises in design, development, production and maintenance of robotics system, automated production lines and single-purpose machines. The implemented technology is always custom-made according to client requirements. The firm offers itself to become a subcontractor.
The Czech company was founded in 1999. From the beginning, the company has focused on development, design, manufacture and installation of single-purpose machines, robotics and automated production lines either newly built-in or in already existing production technologies according to the clients’ requirements. The company concentrates on semi-automatic or fully automatic technologies. This includes all stages of customer care: from identifying the customer´s need, through the development and design of concept, detailed elaboration finalised by 3D study presentation, up to production, installation of technologies and all related supporting services and maintenance. The company also produces single-purpose machines and standardized assembly lines, manipulators and testing equipment based on the customer requirements. 90% of all company’s production is intended for automotive sector, e.g. manufacture of equipment for automobile cable production or specialized technological equipment for the installation of the car's front panel. For other industries there are i.e. the line for the production of injection needles or aerosol valves. The final concept complies with the requirements of standards in the sector. The company meets the quality and certification requirements of customers from the automotive, electro, food-processing industry or specifically e.g. from healthcare or pharmaceutical industry according to ISO 14 644 regarding cleanroom standards. The company is already well-established on the European market and from the beginning is internationally oriented and is constantly looking for new contacts abroad. Based on previous experience and business strategy, it offers cooperation under subcontracting agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The potential partner should be a manufacturing company (regardless the size) looking for more effective production processes by using new automatic production lines or state-of-the-art single-purpose machines. The expected cooperation would be based on subcontracting agreement. The sector is not a limiting factor; the Czech company has previous experience with foreign companies from automotive, electro, construction, food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
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