A Czech company specializing in production of gastrointestinal stents of a high quality is looking for partner(s) from Poland experienced in distribution of medical devices and instruments

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A Czech manufacturer of medical devices, focusing on research and manufacturing of high innovative CE certified stents for the gastro-intestinal tract, is looking for distributor(s) from the medical sector in Poland on the basis of a distribution services agreement.
A Czech company founded in 1991 following the principles of good manufacturing practice according to the European standards produces high quality and innovative products certified with CE mark. The company produces stents for esophagus (biodegradable, nitinol and stainless steel stents with uniques characteristics), biliary duct (nitinol stents with low migration rate, duodenum and colon (nitinol flexible stents). The company has well established worldwide distribution network covering more than 70 countries including the European Union, the United Kingdom, Latin America and Asia. The company is currently looking for experienced Polish partner(s) with a solid distribution network that has a good knowledge of the Polish market with medical devices (for gastrointestinal tract) and knows how to nourish contacts with their clients to sell its gastrointestinal stents. The Czech company is seeking companies in healthcare to take the products to Polish market via distribution agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner sought: A Polish company engaged in the medical devices, already distributing or manufacturing and selling medical devices in the field of gastroenterology. Task to be performed by the partner sought: Development of the distribution network of the products on the basis of distribution services agreement.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted
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