A Czech ICT company strong in development of electronic systems (identification, vending, security) seeks partners for commercial agency agreement

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A Czech, well established ICT company focuses on development and sale of its own smart card systems and micro technologies including electronic identification systems, RFID (Radio-frequency identification) / NFC (Near field communication), biometrics, and security systems. The company has a good experience with research and business projects. The company seeks partners for commercial agency agreement.
The Czech company has been established in 1992 and since its start they had intention to make their own high-quality identification and localization products, developed by their own teams of technicians and researchers. Currently, the company´s R&D consumes 20% of turnover and it is also a leading supplier of identification systems in commercial and public administration projects in the Czech Republic. They have also certain international experience with doing the projects. For example, they have been successfully supplying NFC-based products, just as special electronics into multiple countries around the world. The company focuses on the two main areas: 1. Design, development, implementation and support of comprehensive identification and information systems 2. Applied research and development of modern technology and the sale and operation of their applications Their product lines include: 1. Identification systems (leading supplier of Access Control, Attendance, Catering, Parking and Localization Systems on Czech Market) 2. Vending machines (Substitutes a Canteen or Stock for Personal Protective Devices) 3. Security systems (integrated Access Control, Security, Fire-alarm and Surveillance Systems) 4. Research and development (20% of yearly turnover goes to the research and development – private, national and European research projects) For the 2 years the company was chairing EFMI WG cards (European Federation for Medical Informatics) that is European competence centre that supervises activities and provides knowledge to subjects applying ID cards (identification cards) in projects aimed at health issues. The company also represents Czech Republic in ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and CEN (The European Committee for Standardization) groups as for standards in health care domain. The company engineers small and large micro electronic systems in the Czech Republic currently they launch application hosted in NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and collaborate with mobile operators on management of identities. They also pilot various advanced technologies and provide integration services, e.g.: - merging new eID (electronic identification) systems into the existing infrastructure - meeting legal regulatory base for eServices applied within EU Currently they seek partners that would represent them as agents for their products under commercial agency agreement and also partners that would collaborate on larger microelectronic projects in areas of identification and security.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company seeks partners that would represent them as agents on the basis of commercial agency agreement - it should be the companies involved in business with identification systems, security systems and/or vending machines. The company seeks also partners that would like to collaborate on larger microelectronic projects in areas of identification and security.
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Already on the market
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