Czech machining company offers service solutions in form of manufacturing agreement and subcontracting

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The Czech family company active in machining services is offering manufacturing and subcontracting agreements to customer requirements. The company would like to expand its activities to any European countries. The company is offering supplies of dimensionally small and large parts, simple parts and products that require high quality and accuracy.
The Czech family company was established in 1992 and has long tradition of machining, especially computer numeric control (CNC) milling and turning, precision grinding, precision drilling and conventional milling and turning. The company is freshly overtaken by the second generation of the owners, providing comprehensive services beginning with supplying the semi product, through actual production, all heat treatments and surface finishes, ending with transportation to the customer. The company has following machines in its workshop, 4 CNC milling machines, 3 CNC lathes, conventional turning, milling, drilling and grinding (both surface and round) machines and also welding machine. Thanks to subcontracting, the company can provide all types of heat and surface treatment of materials. The company can provide all material mechanical properties and chemical analysis tests. The company is well experienced with production of the parts to the German market (almost 50 % of turnover). The company would like to broaden its activities to any European countries. The company is offering both manufacturing agreements as well as subcontracting activities for foreign partners in the field of machining. For manufacturing agreements, the company is looking for companies to manufacture according to the individual needs of the potential partners. For subcontracting agreements, the company is open to act as subcontractor for other companies (SMEs or large companies) to produce components based on subcontracting. The partner should be active in all areas of the manufacturing industry, interested in supplies of piece and serial production of small and large parts.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for a long-term cooperation with a partner from industry companies. The customized machined parts can be used by companies in various industrial sectors that ask for regular supplies by a reliable partner. All the specificities described on this profile can be provided by the Czech company under subcontracting and manufacturing agreement according to the client's needs.
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Already on the market
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