Czech manufacturer of boilers offers manufacturing or subcontracting of metal working services in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Benelux and UK

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A Czech engineering company is manufacturing boilers and specialised in metalwork with CNC punching and laser cutting, as well as with welding and various surface treatment. It would like to expand its activities to Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom and the Benelux countries. The company is looking for new long-term partners who need metal work services for their products. The company offers manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.
The Czech company has more than 60 years old tradition in metal and sheet metal working. It was established in 1949 as a state company, since 1994 is in private hands and got today’s shape. The company consist of 2 parts. 1) developing and production of its solid fuel boilers (for wood, coil, pellets). First boilers had been produced in 1960´s. Nowadays the company specialises on the ecologic and automatic boilers with minimum level of emission. 2) The company has produced sheet metal parts for partners, mainly from western Europe for about ten years. Starting as a way of filling spare capacity on their machines, this activity now makes up over half of their production in 2019, and is the main focus of their search." The company cooperates and supplies the partners in whole Europe. The main boiler sales destinations are Germany, Denmark, Slovakia and the Baltic states. The most partners for sheet metal production are in Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Slovakia and Canada. The company can offer both unique custom-made products as well as serial production of stock items. The products are processed on the basis of the customer’s supplied technical documentation, but offered is also the possibility of engineering and processing of the complete drawing documentation on the basis of customer’s requirements (SolidWorks system). The company has following machine park (details are mentioned in part additional comments): • Computer numerical control (CNC) punching machines • CNC laser cutting machine • CNC roto laser • CNC press machine • Welding • Powder coating • Wet painting • Screen printing • Surface treatment • Assembling All processes are controlled continuously, on input, during production and on output as well. A personal engagement in control is required by every worker. The Czech company offers wide range of products as: - Small sheet metal parts as hangers, consoles, rails, hooks - Small sheet metal parts for elevators - Semi parts and housing for humidification units, air condition units - Canals and boxes for air distribution - Steam parts for constructions - Chassis for electronics In order to find new partners in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom and the Benelux countries, the company would like to engage in a long-term cooperation under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. The partners are expected to involve the Czech company in their projects, provide all the information and specification that are necessary to design and manufacture products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Czech company seeks new partners mainly in industrial branch, that are specialised in assembling or final production of metal products (either parts or end-products) and need partners for initial stages of production, where the CNC machines are necessary. The partner can be as well a CNC manufacturer that needs to sub-contract CNC engineering work. There is expected a long term cooperation on contract base with medium or large company, that assure stability and potential increasing of cooperation and partnership. The cooperation on the basis of manufacturing agreement or subcontracting can be discussed.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
Machine park in details: • Computer numerical control (CNC) punching machines (sheet metal 3000 x 1500 mm, thickness 4 mm) – 1x • CNC laser cutting machine – (sheet metal 4000 x 1500 mm) 3x • CNC roto laser • CNC press machine – (max. 3000 mm) 6x • Welding – manually, CO2 or TIG (tungsten inert gas), black steel, galvanized, ST/ST, aluminium – 15 cabins • Spot welding • Powder coating – 3 cabins • Wet painting – 1 cabin • Screen printing • Surface treatment (galvanising, anodising, blast sending etc.) • Assembling
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