A Czech manufacturer of football goalkeepers' gloves is looking for trade intermediaries

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A Czech manufacturer of goalkeepers' gloves, which has a lot of goalkeepers in world class teams using its products, is looking for trade intermediaries (distributors/agents/representatives) to distribute, represent or offer its products on external markets. The Czech partner offers commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements.
The Czech company owned by goalkeepers is situated in the Moravian-Silesian region. The company is fast growing player in sports goods on Czech and Slovakian market. The company would like to expand it´s products further. The product is a high quality goalkeepers gloves. The product is sold into 53 countries worldwide in retail sector and uses top quality materials for its production. The company relies on an individual approach to each customer, and therefore it produces tailor made gloves with own graphics on the upper side, such as the logo of the club. If the customer is interested in a different cut and fastening of the bandage, it is not a problem, the compan will do its best to accommodate customers needs. A customer can choose from both types of latex offered - Giga and Contact Grip and also from a large number of colored backgrounds, cuts and fastenings. All this can not be combined to create the perfect glove. The Czech partner would like to find an commercial agency or agent, that will represent the product on the market abroad. Another type of cooperation is distribution agreement, where Czech partner will take care of the distribution and foreign partner will have exclusive rights to sell the product on the market. High quality cooperation based on trust and satisfaction of customer is offered.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Czech company is eager to enter foreign markets, because of the international nature of the product. First cooperation offered is commercial agency agreement, where the agent will represent the product on the market and will have many options of the promotion (for example goelkeeping sponsorship etc). Another type of cooperation possible is distribution services agreement, where the foreign partner will have exclusive rights to sell the product on the market. Partner could be sport shop, online sport shop, football equipment shop etc.
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Already on the market
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