Czech manufacturer of textile baby carriers, bags, protective support bands and orthopaedic braces offers its sewing services under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.

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A Czech company experienced in CMT (Cut-Make-Trim) textile production of baby carriers, sport and cosmetic bags, pet carrier bags and medical products like elastic wrist, knee support bands, orthopaedic braces or neck support collars offers its services as a sewer for manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.
The Czech company was founded in 1994 and from its beginning it has focused on the production of leather goods and textile processing. Since then, it has acquired foreign customers for international cooperation, mainly from Germany. The company is looking now for a new partner to expand within the whole European Union. The company offers sewing services under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement according to the customer's requirements e.g. the ordering client sets design, quality and quantity desires, and delivers all materials to be processed. The company usually works under CMT method. The firm is focused only on exclusive customised sewing for foreign manufacturers; they do not want to develop their own original product. With this strategy, the company gradually has grown to more than 50 experienced seamstresses. The main supplied assortment consists of special sport bags, baby carriers, cosmetics bags, pet carrier bags, and textile outdoor equipment. Over the years, it has gained experience in manufacturing of complicated designs from various textile materials. Among the most demanding production is the sewing of baby carriers with many details (zippers, pockets, straps, patches) and a great emphasis on precision and safety. The company is able to sew up to 6000 pieces per month. In case of simpler products, the delivered monthly quantity is higher. Apart from the main sewing program, the company provides custom sewing of textile medical products, such as elastic wrist and knee bands or neck support collars. It is another sector where the company feels a good potential for further growth
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The Czech company wants to establish a long-term partnership by offering its customised sewing according to partner´s requirements in the form of manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. A suitable partner is a company that sells its own products, but does not have its own sewing capacity - either partly or at all. Alternatively, someone who wants to expand its portfolio with new additional products and therefore is looking for a new reliable European sewing manufacturer or subcontractor.
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Already on the market
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