Czech manufacturer of top quality tools for preparation of espresso in coffee bars and cafés looks for distributors. Serious investors are welcomed as well.

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A Czech company manufactures and sells tools needed to prepare espresso coffee like tampers, portafilter handlers, knobs, etc. It uses only high quality materials and own designs. The company seeks distributors to sign distribution services agreement. They also offer shares in the company, preferably to businesses in relevant branch under the financial agreement.
The company has been established in 2016 by a skillful bartender with many years of experience and practice in making espresso coffee. His products have gained popularity on both domestic and foreign markets very quickly and it led to proliferation of production and today, they offer relatively large portfolio of products for making espresso to cafés, coffee stores, coffee bars, restaurants and hotels. For example, currently, the company manufactures a large number of types of tampers, to satisfy grip of every hand. Further products on offer include classic espresso tampers, barista accessories, vacuum coffee maker and digital tamper. Products are made of high quality materials like FSC wood, food grade steel, titan, and others.. The company is also keen to innovate so they offer, for example, products like vibrating tamper or tamper that lights when used properly or digital tamper that measures the working pressure. They hold a few utility models and plan to patent some of the inventions. Important to mention: new innovative products are underway. For that reason they also seek a partner who would help to complete some of the innovations that fall into the current portfolio but mainly products that technically exceed the products on offer and will be completely new. Ideally, the partner would be from the branch, understanding the coffee market and seeking new inventions that they would like to financially support and take part in their product roll out. Request of share in the company is expected. The company seeks distributors to sign distribution services agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company looks for distributors of products for bartenders and baristas with focus on bars, cafés, restaurants and hotels to sign distribution services agreement. They also look for a partner, preferably from the coffee branch that would be interested, in exchange of share in company, to financially support completion of the new inventions and help with product roll out. Financial agreement will be considered.
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Already on the market
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