Czech producer of bakery seeds as poppy seed, mustard seed, caraway seed, buckwheat and others is looking for agents and distributors in Russia, Germany, the USA and Argentina

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A Czech company, specialized in producing bakery seeds and low-volume commodities, is looking for agents or distributors who are well connected with the food industry. Cooperation on the basis of commercial agency or distribution services agreements is considered. The target countries are Russia, Germany, the USA, and Argentina. The company is experienced in international cooperation and is offering only certified products.
The Czech company was founded in 2000 as a transformation result of incorporating company which was active on the Czech market from 1993. The main goal of the Czech company is to provide long term partners with high quality agricultural goods from Czech production and meet their high standards expectations. The company is working directly with farmers (growers) and hence be able to offer best price levels together with verified and traceable source. The Czech company is focused on seeds such as poppy seed (blue, white); mustard seed; caraway seed (annual, biennial); buckwheat; millet seed (yellow, green, red, hulled); pea (green, yellow); safflower; flax seed (convention, organic); others. The company is already exporting to the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. The export to non-EU countries is focused to Russia and Ukraine. As base of suppliers is getting constantly bigger the company is looking for new reliable partners which would appreciate certified high quality agricultural commodities from stable source from EU region with HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) certification. The partnership can be based on commercial agency or distribution services agreement. The company would like to broaden its activities by new agents or distributors mainly to Russia, Germany, the USA and Argentina. A distribution partner or an agent will enable the company to access new international markets. It is easier for a distributor with an established reputation and contacts list to introduce the mentioned products to the market than it would be for the company.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for commercial partner who is well connected with food industry (e.g. processor of ingredients, bakeries) or have possibility to offer the goods to the end customers (e.g. within supermarket distribution lines). All goods have certification to make sure it is in accordance with international standards and food regulations. The cooperation on the basis of commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement is considered.
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Already on the market
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