Czech producer of pharmaceutical quality cannabidiol (CBD) oil is looking for producers of cosmetics and food supplements for exploitation of the extract in their product formulations via subcontracting agreement

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A Czech company grows Cannabis sativa L., a legal drug without psychoactive effects, to produce an extract rich in CBD (cannabidiol) made by supercritical fluid carbon dioxide extraction (SCFECO2) technology. The company is looking for subcontracting agreements with producers of cosmetics and food supplements.
A young Czech company is a grower of 100 % natural cannabis, the EU certified varieties of Cannabis sativa L. rich in CBD: Futura 75, Felina 31, KC Dora, Fedora and Finola. These EU certified varieties of Cannabis sativa L rich in CBD are cultivated without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The plants are harvested in their optimum ripeness, when they have the maximum content of active compounds, and are dried up to 45° C. They are further processed into cannabis extract using SCFECO2 technology, which ensures an extract of the best pharmaceutical quality. The SCFECO2 technology uses supercritical carbon dioxide as industrial solvent, which is a safer alternative to other toxic chemical solvents. The technology also allows to obtain extracts that can be evenly spread in the end products. It prevents microbial contamination of natural herbs and ensure to maintain the quality and stability of the products over time. By applying the extract to the selected carrier, it is possible to simplify the use of herbal mixtures. This allows for ensuring long-lasting taste and quality of the end products. The extract is made not only from the seeds but also from the green parts of the plant, which guarantees a much broader spectrum of derived beneficial substances. It can be further treated in accordance to customer requirements and specifications in relation to the final product formulation, ensuring standard product quality. Minimum order quantity is 100 g. Subcontracting as a cooperation type was selected as it covers the intended collaboration with producers of cosmetics, food supplements and veterinary products who are interested in exploitation of the extract as a component of their final products. A long-term commitment is perceived as a flexible B2B customer-supplier relationship.
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Type of partner sought: Industry - producers of cosmetics and food supplements.Role of partner sought: exploitation of the cannabis extract in product formulations.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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