Danish automated shower cabin technology for care sector for sale to Asian investors under financial agreement

A Danish company has designed a fully automated shower cabin for care homes for elderly citizens and disabled people, for installation in hospitals and rehabilitation centres. The Danish client is looking for a Chinese or Japanese partner who would like to buy the legal rights to manufacture and sell the automated shower cabin under a financial agreement.
For many elderly people, taking a shower can be difficult and this is particularly the case for people in care centres, where they may have advanced health conditions, or where baths have to be given by personnel who are overworked and have little time. The Danish company has designed a fully automatic shower, specifically designed for care-homes for elderly citizens, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers for disabled people. With the push of a button, the user can take a shower, including washing from below, followed by drying, tailored to individual personal needs. The user decides the order of the nozzles and the strength, temperature, and how long the shower should be. The shower can have as many user profiles as required. The automated shower is modular based, including four legs that each work as a separate shower. The automated system can be installed within an existing shower or on its own in a bathroom. There are no steps or elevations, and no refurbishment is otherwise needed. The shower uses the bathroom's electric plug socket, the existing shower mixer, and the floor drain. Users can either stand or sit on a stool/chair by themselves and the automated shower is fitted with ergonomic handrails to make it as safe as possible. The shower is comfortably warm during and after the shower, because of the built-in infrared top panels. When the water reaches the required temperature, soft jets of water spray water from the many nozzles built into each leg. Hair washing can be done from the upper nozzle or by a separate flexible shower head. The programme allows washing, rinsing, drying and cleaning modes, which can be combined, varied and repeated exactly as desired for individual users. During the entire process, a light indicates where the user is in the programme. There are three stop buttons; one outside the shower and two inside. The rinsing process of the cabin itself begins when the shower has finished, and the user has left the cabin. The rinsing programme of the cabin removes bacteria, viruses, organic materials, and limescale from the surfaces. There are no other known competitors in the world with a full programme solution similar to this, which has been launched already in Denmark. In order to expalnd to the large scale manufacturing sectors, the company is looking for a Chinese or Japanese partner who would like to buy the legal rights to manufacture and sell the automated shower cabin system. The Asian partner will gain sole exclusivity for manufacturing and sole exclusivity for sales and distribution within designated countries in Asia. The Danish company will get sole exclusivity to market and sell the now Asian manufactured automated shower cabin in other countries than the designated ones in Asia. Expected output over the next years: Year 1: 200 pieces, year 2: 1000 pieces, year 5: 10.000 pieces. The exclusivity agreement will involve training the Asian technology buyer in every detail of manufacturing and maintaining the automated shower cabin. The company is therefore offering a financial agreement to the right potential company with the potential to scale up production.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Danish company is looking for an Asian partner who would like to buy the legal rights to manufacture and sell the automated shower cabin system under a financial agreement. Proposal: 1. The automatic shower Denmark sells legal rights, drawings, and know-how to a company in Asia, which thereby acquires the legal rights to name and product, in its current form, for production and sale, in their own country and other designated Asian countries. 2. At the same time, the company in Denmark refrains from all rights to the product, drawings, and know-how in the designated Asian countries. 3. The company in Denmark keeps the rights to sell the automatic shower cabin in the rest of the world outside the designated Asian countries. 4. The company in Denmark will assist with technical support for the production of the shower cabin in its current form for one year from the entry of the agreement. 5. The company in Denmark offers to further develop the shower cabin for more advanced versions. Partly for the Asian market, partly for exports to Europe. A separate fee will be announced for each further development upon agreement. 6. A trade agreement will be made between the Danish company and the Asian company so the company in Denmark has the exclusive right to buy the shower cabin as described, from the Asian manufacturer for sale in Europe, in a described quality. 7. The Asian company pays a fixed one-time fee to the company in Denmark, for entering this agreement. 8. When both parties have signed this agreement and the buyer has deposited 90% of the amount at the company in Denmark's bank account, the agreement enters into force. 9. One year after the agreement comes into force, the buyer pays the last 10%. 10. Each part bears its own costs, incurred in agreeing.
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Available for demonstration
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The automatic shower is in production and use in Denmark
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The shower cabin is protected under ordinary copyright legislation
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